Jiahao Wang earned double bachelor’s degrees in medicine and economics, as well as a master’s degree in medicine, from Peking University in China. When he was a master’s student, he led several research projects to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and promote vaccine uptake among Chinese populations, as well as to inform national immunization programs through health economic evaluations.

His current research interests include the contextual (place-based) effects on health and human mobility (e.g., activity spaces). He is working with Dr. Genevieve Dunton to characterize and predict routine patterns of human behaviors and activities, especially health behaviors, using a time-geography framework and digital health technologies. He is also working with Dr. Daniel Hackman to examine the impact of neighborhoods on the health, wellbeing, and development of children and adolescents through the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study.

He is passionate about adopting interdisciplinary perspectives and methodologies to solve public health problems and reduce health disparities.


2022 Master of Medicine, Social Medicine and Health Service Management, Peking University
2020 Bachelor of Medicine, Peking University
2020 Bachelor of Economics, Peking University

Major publications

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