Prior to coming to the Population, Health and Place Ph.D. program, Andy worked as a biostatistician in healthcare developing research workflows for electronic health records, improving research education for medical residents, and expanding the role of spatial analysis approaches in health care research. He also taught introductory statistics as an adjunct instructor at Grand Valley State University.

As a PHP student, Andy works as a pre-doctoral fellow at the Saban Research Institute and collaborates with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles exploring the role of transit in healthcare access. His broader dissertation work involves integrating electronic health records and publicly available demographic data to evaluate pediatric health outcomes. His research works to improve and shed light on statistical considerations in spatial public health. Spatial context is important when evaluating peoples exposures and environments, and we need to make sure we are asking the right questions and using the right methods when incorporating a spatial dimension in healthcare.

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B.S., Biology, Grand Valley State University
PSM, Biostatistics, Grand Valley State University

Selected publications

Kampfschulte, Andrew R., and Rebecca K. Miller. “Regional participation trends for community wildfire preparedness program Firewise USA.” Environmental Research: Climate (2023).

Min, Jiangyong, Kampfschulte, Andrew R, et al. “Neurogenic cardiac outcome in patients after acute ischemic stroke: The brain and heart connection.” Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases 31.12 (2022): 106859.

Kampfschulte, Andrew, et al. “Understanding Suicide in Our Community through the Lens of the Pediatric ICU: An Epidemiological Review (2011–2017) of One Midwestern City in the US.” Children 8.2 (2021): 59.

Conference presentations

Kampfschulte, Andy. “Geography of Healthcare Access: Implications for anesthesiology and perioperative medicine.” International Anesthesia Research Society, Seattle, Washington. 2024.

Kampfschulte, Andy. “Assessing Inequalities of Transportation Burden and Time Investment in Pediatric Healthcare Access in Los Angeles, CA.” Time Use Data for Health and Well Being Conference. 2023.

Miller, Rebecca, and Andy Kampfschulte. “Trends in Firewise USA: Grassroots Engagement in a Wildfire Mitigation Program in California.” AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. Vol. 2021. 2021.