Werner Däppen

Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy


  • Ph.D. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 1978
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    Professor Dappen is a theorist who aims at using the sun as a plasma physics laboratory. To pursue this goal, he participates in state-of-the art solar modeling and analysis of helioseismic data. Helioseismology is the first accurate experiment that puts strong constraints on the thermodynamic quantities of the plasma of stellar interiors.

    Dappen’s own contribution to the field (the Mihalas-Hummer-Dappen equation of state) is currently being used by several international solar and stellar modeling groups.

    Research Keywords

    Solar and stellar structure, evolution and chemical composition; solar and stellar oscillations; helioseismic diagnosis of the equation of state; theory of reacting hot dense Coulomb plasmas; molecular-dynamics simulations of stellar fusion.

    • USC Associates Award For Excellence In Teaching, USC’s Highest Teaching Award, 2003-2004
  • Administrative Appointments

    • Chair, 08/16/2009 – 08/15/2012
    • Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 08/16/2006 – 08/15/2009
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