Stephanie Eggert

Senior Lecturer
Email Office PED 108 Office Phone (213) 740-2488


The development of the course, “Work-life Balance – Blueprint for Vitality,” (MDA 300) gives students practical tools using quantum energy practices to experience their optimum health, creativity, clarity and overall energy. 

She introduced the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation curriculum at USC in 2016. This course is part of the Mind-Body Minor. Students consistently re-take this class for the vast transformational experience. 

She also teaches the courses Principles of Athletic Coaching and Stress Management for Healthy Living. Her teaching style and class content gives students an opportunity to step into a deeper, more right-brained way of achieving energetic outcomes while still in an academic setting. Applied creative and energetic techniques for increased positive mental and physical health are the cornerstone of her classes. 

Students have found tremendous life-improvement with various meditations that break addictions, improve energy, and help with mental clarity and focus. 

In 2015, female participants from her classes began the practice of deeply understanding the yogic teachings of how 11 specific Moon Centers influence mood, emotions, and energy of women. The exploration and constant discovery of these energies through the semesters has lead to great empowerment and development of several women-run organizations on campus that assist other students to organize and deeply understand their energy better. 

Eggert received her B.S. in Psychology at Loyola University in Baltimore, MD where she captained the Top-10 Nationally ranked Women’s Lacrosse team. After college, she played for the United States National Team, was a nationally ranked triathlete, and began her coaching career at Duke University, another college lacrosse powerhouse. After several years of coaching and teaching at Duke, she later received her M.S. in Kinesiology & Sport Psychology, where her research focused the mental benefits of practicing yoga, mental attitudes of female athletes, and Flow States.

She continues to coach elite athletes in physical and meditative training in addition to holistic nutrition methods to support peak performance. 

She has co-published research on female athletes and frequently contributes to news and information publications on health and wellness. Her travels have extended to Nepal, Tibet, Scotland, India, Egypt, and other power-points throughout the world. 






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  • Other Degree Holistic Health and Nutrition, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, New York, 6/2008
  • B.S. Psychology, Loyola University, Baltimore MD
  • M.S. Kinesiology, specialization in Sport Psychology, California State University, Long Beach
  • Other Employment

    • Lecturer, Sport Psychology & Kinesiology , California State University, Long Beach, 2007-2009
    • NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Coach, Duke University, 2000-2004
  • Book Chapters

    • Guthrie, S., Magyar, M., Eggert, S. (2008). Women, Sport and Physical Activity: Challenges and Triumphs, 2nd Ed. Women, Sport and Physical Activity: Challenges and Kendall Hall Publishing.

    Journal Article

    • Guthrie, S. R., Magyar, T. M., Eggert, S. S., Craig Kain, C. (2009). Female athletes do ask: An exploratory study of gender differences in the propensity to initiate negotiation among athletes. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal. Vol. 18(1 (90-101)
    • MDA 300: The Dornsife Toolkit -Managing the Work-Life Balance, Multidisciplinary Activities, 2019-2020
    • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, PHED, 2016-2017
  • Office Hours

      Monday-Thursday : 2-2:50pm and 5-5:30pm, And by appointment

    Other Advisement or Time Devoted to Students

      Mentoring of future masters level students, recommendation, weekly meetings, nutrition, meditation, life-planning advisement of students.
  • Administrative Appointments

    • Mind-Body Coordinator within the Physical Education Dept., overseeing the development of new courses, faculty, and continuity of material and courses., 2017-2018

    Other Service to the University

    • Dornsife Signature Undergraduate Experience Planning Retreat , 2018-2019
    • USC Peaks & Professors: Overnight trip, Yoga & Meditation for Stress Relief During Finals, BreatheSC-Faculty Guest Speaker for Breathe USC Mindfulness & Meditation, Gamma Phi Scholarship Event, Norman Topping Student Aid Fund
      , 2017-2018
    • Yoga for Stress Relief During Finals – Spring & Fall 2015

      Health, Wellness, and Yoga for Earth Month, sponsored by USC Environmental Student Association – Spring & Fall 2015 & 2016

      Faculty Representative for USC Nutrition and Wellness Club (2014-present)

      Guest Lecturer on Stress Management & Vitatlity for USC Law School – Fall 2015

      Guest lecturer for Pardee Tower residents on Yoga, Health and Vitality During Midterms – Spring 2015, 2016 Fall 2015

      Invite/Attendee of Sigma Delta Tau Student Faculty dinner – Spring 2016

      , 2015-2016

    • Yoga for Stress Relief During Finals – Spring & Fall 2014

      Health, Wellness, and Yoga for Earth Month, sponsored by USC Environmental Student Association – Sp2014

      Faculty Representative for USC Nutrition and Wellness Club (2014-present)

      Guest Lecturer on Stress Management & Vitatlity for USC Dept. of Engineering Freshman Academy – Fall 2014

      Invite/Attendee of The Topping Scholars Program of USC Faculty-Student Luncheon – Fall 2014

      Guest lecturer for Pardee Tower residents on Yoga, Health and Vitality During Midterms – Fall 2014

      Invite/Attendee of Gamma Phi Beta Student Scholarship dinner – Fall 2014

      Guest presenter – Army ROTC early morning yoga workout – fall 2014
      , 2014-2015

  • Professional Memberships

    • International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), 2012 –
    • United State Lacrosse (USL), 1995 – 2012
    • Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), 2009 – 2011
    • United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), 1996 – 2009
    • Coaching and Sport Psychology Alliance (CSPA), 2005 – 2007

    Media, Alumni, and Community Relations

    • • KPFG Radio Station – Speaking on the effectiveness of Mantra on Mental Health ,
    • • Los Angeles Times “9 great reasons to drink (and eat) water this summer – and forever” ,
    • Yoga for USC Alumni in Southern California,

    Other Service to the Profession

    • Thriving With Productivity – Wellness & Meditation Instruction for corporations of Southern California region with USC Alumns.

      , 2014-2015

    • Yoga & meditation instructor for L.A. Works – garden project, Los Angeles

      Yoga instructor at Get Love – homeless resource center, Hollywood CA
      , 2013-2014