Richard Dekmejian

Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Email Office VKC 327 Office Phone (213) 740-3619
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    Professor Dekmejian splits his research efforts between National Security issues, International Mediation, Middle East/Islamic Studies, Political Elites, Comparative Genocides, and Terrorism.

  • Contracts and Grants Awarded

    • Scalable, Stochastic and Spatiotemporal Game Theory for Real-World Human Adversarial Behavior, (Office of Naval Research), Milind Tambe $6,250,000, 2010-2016
  • Conference Presentations

    • “Impact of Middle East Crisis on Global Business” Lecture/Seminar, IBEAR Program, Marshall School, Invited, USC, JKP 204, 06/02/2011 –
    • “Rafael Lemkin’s Linkage Role: The Armenian Genocide to the Holocaust” , International Workshop Resisting the Path of Genocide: Shoah Foundation InstituteTalk/Oral Presentation, 20/20 Genocide Resistance Cluster, Invited, USC, Doheny Library, 05/06/2011 –
    • “Global Briefing — Egypt” Roundtable/Panel, USC Middle East Studies Program, Invited, USC, Mudd Hall, 02/17/2011 –
    • “Defining & Conceptualizing Resistance to Genocide: The Armenian Case” , Genocide Resistance Research ClusterTalk/Oral Presentation, Shoah Foundation Institute, Invited, USC, Leavy Library, 11/03/2010 –
    • “Stability & Development in the Middle East” , OECD Series, “Looking to the Middle East”Roundtable/Panel, Center for International Studies, Invited, USC, SOS B-40, 09/15/2010 –
    • “Jordan in a Changing Global Environment” , 10th Anniversary of King Abdullah IIKeynote Lecture, University of Jordan, Invited, Amman, Jordan, 06/15/2009 –
    • “Future of Armenian Studies” Talk/Oral Presentation, UCLA, Invited, UCLA, 03/28/2009 –
    • “Genocide: From Recognition to Restitution” , Conference on GenocideRoundtable/Panel, Loyola Law School, Invited, Loyola Law School – Los Angeles, 02/27/2009 –

    Other Presentations

    • “Islamist Terrorism: Future Trends”, Men’s Fellowship Dinner, Los Angeles, 2008-CONT
    • “Geopolitics of the Caucasus”, Georgia on My Mind, USC, 2008-CONT
  • Administrative Appointments

    • Director, USC Institute of Armenian Studies, 08/16/2005-08/31/2012
    • Director, 08/16/2011-08/15/2012
    • Director, 08/16/2010-08/15/2011
    • Director, Institute of Armenian Studies, 08/16/2005-08/15/2007


    • Departmental Personnel Committee, 2011-2012
  • Committees

    • “Departmental Personnel Committee”, 2011-2012