Norbert Schwarz

Provost Professor of Psychology and Marketing
Email Office SGM 538 Office Phone (213) 821-1598


My research explores how people make sense of the world in which they live and how their decisions are shaped by subtle contextual influences. My theoretical approach emphasizes the socially situated and embodied nature of cognition and the role of feelings and subjective experiences in judgment and decision making. I pursue these basic processes in different domains, including public opinion, consumer behavior, well-being, and the psychology of self-report.

Much of my work involves close collaboration with an interdisciplinary lab group of doctoral students, post-docs, visiting scholars, and colleagues in the USC Dornsife Mind & Society Center.

Biographical information and publications are available through my personal website and Google Scholar profile linked above.



  • Ph.D. Sociology, Universitaet Mannheim, Germany, 1980