Mike Katz

Administrative Assistant I
Mike Katz
Pronouns He / Him / His Email mikekatz@usc.edu


Mike Katz was born and raised in Los Angeles with a passion for music from a young age. At the age of 5, he started playing the piano and later learned to play several other instruments. In 1991, Mike attended the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) and honed his skills in film and video production, editing, and composing.

In his 20s, Mike focused on music production and honed his skills with various home studio software. He played several shows and eventually evolved into his current musical project, Huh Ming Birds. During this time, he also received an Associate in Science Degree from Westwood College of Technology for Computer Programming and Software Technology.

Throughout his career, Mike has worked in various industries, including IT, retail, and education. He currently works as an Administrative Assistant at the University of Southern California (USC), where he is responsible for various clerical duties, including equipment inspection and recording, class setup and breakdown, and shipment verification.

Mike’s past work experience includes roles as an IT Department employee at I.T.R.C., a Client Support Specialist at Boink Systems Incorporated, a Data Administrator/Cash Handler at Arclight Hollywood, and an Assistant Manager at Penny Lane Records and Rhino Records. He has a diverse skill set that includes customer service, information technology, and administrative duties such as composing and producing business correspondence, coordinating meetings, planning events, and conducting data analysis.

Mike is a highly motivated individual with a proven track record of success in a variety of roles. His special skills include affiliate marketing, graphic design, and web design. He is proficient in various software programs, including Gmail, Excel, WordPress, Suitcase, Stuffit Expander, Corel Suite, Hitpath, Photoshop, PHP, HTML, CSS3, Java Script, and Ableton Live.


  • Other Degree Computer Programming, Westwood College, 1/2001
  • Other Advisement or Time Devoted to Students

    • TEST Mentoring of future masters level students, recommendation, weekly meetings, nutrition, meditation, life-planning advisement of students, Spring 2023