Linda Yaron Weston



  • B.A. Human Development, UC San Diego
  • B.A. Literatures of the World, UC San Diego
  • M.Ed Principal’s Leadership Institute, UCLA
  • M.Ed Teacher Education Program, UCLA
  • Ed.D. Organizational Change and Leadership, USC (In Progress)
    • (Spring 2023) PHED 119. Introduction to Mindfulness, MW 12:00pm – 12:50pm,
    • (Spring 2023) PHED 119. Introduction to Mindfulness, MW 01:00pm – 01:50pm, CPA155
    • (Spring 2023) PHED 119. Introduction to Mindfulness, MW 02:00pm – 02:50pm, THH203
    • (Spring 2023) PHED 119. Introduction to Mindfulness, W 03:00pm – 04:50pm, THH110
    • (Spring 2023) PHED 123. Yoga Therapy, M 03:00pm – 04:50pm,
  • Book

    • Yaron Weston, L. (2022). Teaching Resilience and Mental Health Across the Curriculum: A Guide for High School and College Teachers. Routledge.
    • Yaron Weston, L. (2020). Mindfulness for Young Adults: Tools to Thrive in School and Life. Routledge.

    Magazine/Trade Publication

    • Yaron Weston, L. (2022). Climate Anxiety—It’s Real: How can we cope with fears about the future of our planet and channel them into positive action? Association of American Colleges and Universities.
    • Yaron Weston, L. (2021). Student Voices: The Intersection of Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Social Justice in the Classroom. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
    • Yaron Weston, L. (2020). Mindfulness in Class and in Life: Mental Health and Emotional Resilience Alongside Academic Studies. Association of American Colleges and Universities, Liberal Education.
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