Jonathan Quong

Professor of Philosophy and Law
Jonathan Quong
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Research & Practice Areas

moral and political philosophy


I was previously a lecturer and then senior lecturer at the University of Manchester (2003-13), and I received a D.Phil from Nuffield College, Oxford (2004). I’ve also held visiting positions at the Australian National University, Princeton University, and Tulane University. I am an associate editor of Philosophy & Public Affairs, an associate editor of Ethics, and an area editor of Pacific Philosophical Quarterly.


  • Ph.D. , University of Oxford, 2004
  • M.A. , University of British Columbia, 2000
  • B.A. , University of British Columbia, 1999
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    Journal Article

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  • Editorships and Editorial Boards

    • Associate Editor, Ethics”, 2018 –
    • Editorial Board, Journal of Political Philosophy”, 2017 –
    • Subject Area Co-Editor (Social and Political), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy”, 2017 –
    • Associate Editor, Philosophy & Public Affairs”, 2016 –
    • Editorial Board, Law and Philosophy”, 2014 –
    • Area Editor, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly”, 2013 –
    • Advisory Board, Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy”, 2012 –
    • Editorial Board, Bloomsbury Research in Political Philosophy”, 2011 –
    • Advisory Board, Social Theory and Practice”, 2013 – 2018
    • Associate Editor, Politics, Philosophy & Economics”, 2010 – 2018
    • Associate Editor, Australasian Journal of Philosophy”, 2011 – 2016
    • Associate Editor, Representation: The Journal of Representative Democracy”, 2008 – 2014