Guofu Tan

Professor of Economics
Email Office KAP 334B Office Phone (213) 740-3520

Research & Practice Areas

Industrial Organization, Antitrust & Competition Policy, Auction Theory, Microeconomic Theory

Center, Institute & Lab Affiliations

  • Institute for Economic Policy Research,
  • Research Center for Competition Economics and Anti-Monopoly Law,
  • US-China Institute,


  • Ph.D. Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory, California Institute of Technology, 6/1990
  • Tenure Track Appointments

    • Professor of Economics, University of Southern California, 07/01/2003 –
    • Associate Professor of Economics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 07/01/1996 – 06/30/2003
    • Associate Professor of Economics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 07/01/1996 – 06/30/1999
    • Assistant Professor of Economics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 07/01/1990 – 06/30/1996
  • Research Keywords

    (1) antitrust economics: merger review and simulations, abuse of dominance, conditional pricing practices;
    (2) economics of networks and multi-sided platform markets;
    (3) business strategy and industrial organization;
    (4) competitive bidding in auction markets;
    (4) microeconomic theory

    Detailed Statement of Research Interests

     1.     Modeling business strategies in the markets for music streaming, video streaming, video-game live broadcasting and short-video, and analyzing the impact of ad-blocking and regulatory policies in those markets

    2.     Investigating the welfare impact of nonlinear pricing (including all-units discounts, quantity-forcing, market share contracts) with asymmetric competition between a dominant firm and small rivals and deriving antitrust implications of those practices

    3.     Studying competitive two-part tariffs between asymmetric firms (and business models of membership subscription)

    4.     Studying business models of platform firms in multi-sided markets including mergers, ecosystems, and possible abuse of dominance

    5.     Evaluating the effects of mergers and joint ventures in transborder airline markets

    6.     Analyzing the economics of technology standard setting and patent royalty

  • Book Chapter

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