Geert Ridder

Professor of Economics
Geert Ridder
Email Office KAP 306A Office Phone (213) 740-7432

Research & Practice Areas

Microeconometrics, Semi-Parametric Econometrics and Program Evaluation and their Application


  • Ph.D. University of Amsterdam
  • Tenure Track Appointments

    • Professor of Economics, University of Southern California, 01/01/2001 –
    • Professor of Economics, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 01/01/1998 – 01/01/2001
    • Professor of Econometrics, Free University, Amsterdam, 01/01/1992 – 01/01/1998
    • Professor of Econometrics, University of Groningen, 01/01/1987 – 01/01/1992
    • Assistant Professor, Institute of Actuarial Science and Econometrics, University of Amsterdam, 01/01/1979 – 01/01/1987
    • Research Associate, Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 01/01/1975 – 01/01/1979
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    Professor Ridder studies econometrics, with a particular interest in microeconometrics and its applications. In past years these applications have been in labor economics, public finance, economic development, economic demography, transportation research, and the economics of sports. His methodological interests are the (nonparametric) identification of statistical and economic structures from observed distributions (mainly in duration data and discrete choice data), models and estimation methods for duration data and panel data, (selectively) missing data, and causal inference.

    Research Keywords


    Research Specialties

    Microeconometrics, Semi-Parametric Econometrics and Program Evaluation and their Application

  • Journal Article

    • Graham, B., Imbens, G., Ridder, G.Measuring the average outcome and inequality effects of segregation in the presence of social spillovers. Econometrica.
    • Hahn, J., Ridder, G.The Asymptotic Variance of Semiparametric Estimators with Generated Regressors. Econometrica.
    • Lee, N., Ridder, G., Strauss, J.Estimation of Poverty Transition Matrices. Quantitative Economics.
    • Firpo, S., Ridder, G. (2009). Bounds on Functionals of the Distribution of Treatment Effects. Review of Economic Studies.
    • Jaap, A., Ridder, G.A Note on the Non-Parametric Identification of Generalized Accelerated Failure-Time Models. Review of Economic Studies.
    • Graham, B., Imbens, G., Ridder, G. (2009). Complementarity and Aggregate Implications of Assortative Matching: A Nonparametric Analysis. Quantitative Economics. Vol. 1 (1)
    • Bajari, P., Hong, H., Hahn, J., Ridder, G. (2009). A Note on Semiparametric Estimation of Finite Mixtures of Discrete Choice Models with Application to Game Theoretic Models. International Economic Review.
    • Ridder, G., Hu, Y. (2009). Deconvolution as a First-Stage Estimator. Econometric Reviews. Vol. 29 (10), pp. 1-32.
    • Hahn, J., Ridder, G. (2009). Conditional Moment Restrictions and Triangular Simultaneous Equations. Review of Economics and Statistics.
    • Hahn, J., Ridder, G. (2009). Partial Identification and Confidence Intervals. Econometrica.
    • Ridder, G., Hu, Y. (2006). Estimation of Nonlinear Models with Measurement Error Using Marginal Information. Journal of Econometrics/Elsevier. Vol. N/A
    • Ridder, G., Moffitt, R. (2006). The Econometrics of Data Combination. Handbook of Econometrics/North-Holland. Vol. vol. 6
    • Ridder, G., Bijwaard, G. (2005). Correcting for Selective Compliance in a Re-employment Bonus Experiment. Journal of Econometrics/Elsevier. Vol. vol. 125, pp. pp.77-111.
    • Fellow, Econometric Society, 2003
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