Erin Moore

Professor (Teaching) of Anthropology
Erin Patrice Moore
Email Office KAP 340 Office Phone (213) 740-0515

Research & Practice Areas

I have a longitudinal research project in Rajasthan, India that began in 1977 to the present. I have also done research in Michocan, Mexico on an immigrant home village and in central Washington State. I have a third research interest in healing pilgrimages to Brazil and Spain.


  • Ph.D. Anthropology, U.C. Berkeley, 1990
  • J.D. Law, U.C. Berkeley, 1977
  • B.A. Psychology, Stanford University, 1973
  • Research, Teaching, Practice, and Clinical Appointments

    • Professor (Teaching) of Anthropology, University of Southern California, 2016-03-22-
    • Associate Professor (Teaching) of Anthropology, University of Southern California, 2011-08-16-2016-03-21
    • Lecturer, University of Southern California, 1992-2011

    Visiting and Temporary Appointments

    • Visiting lecturer, Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles, 1995-1996
    • Visiting Lecturer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1990-1991
  • Research Keywords

    India, South Asia, Gender, Kinship, Global Health, Performance of Healing, Mexico and Immigration, Law, Dispute Resolution, Justice

  • Conference Presentations

    • “What It Means To Be Human, Perspectives from Anthropology.” , Organizer of Semester Series and one LectureLecture/Seminar, Senior Citizen’s Center, Invited, Pasadena, Ca., Spring 2013
    • Recharging Your Teaching Energy Talk/Oral Presentation, Center for Excellence in Teaching, Invited, USC, Spring 2013
    • Buscando La Forma: Birthing at Home, Around the World , Prenatal Teacher Training ClassTalk/Oral Presentation, The Art of You, Invited, Silver Lake, Ca. , Fall 2012
    • Gender In India: Issues with Marriage and Violence Lecture/Seminar, Diane Winston Journalism 585, Invited, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Fall 2012
    • Panchayat Justice and Gender in Rural Rajasthani Dispute Processing , U. of Wi., Madison, School of LawTalk/Oral Presentation, U. of Wi., Madison, School of Law, Invited, Madison, Wi., 10/11/2012 – 10/14/2012
    • The Law, Legal Anthropology, and Affirmative Action in India, 25 years. Talk/Oral Presentation, Anthropology Club Brown Bag Series, Invited, USC Anthropology, Spring 2012
    • Death and Spirituality Talk/Oral Presentation, Invited, South Pasadena, 2010-2011
    • Diversity, Hinduism, and Caste: An Introduction to India. Lecture/Seminar, South Asian Rural Student Aid Group, Invited, USC, 2010-2011
    • From Secular to Sacred: The Impact of religious law in South Asia Lecture/Seminar, USC Desi Group, Invited, USC, 2010-2011
    • Diversity, Law and Violence, The Indian Case Study , International Congress of Law and Diversity Talk/Oral Presentation, Leibniz, University of Hannover, Invited, Hannover, Germany, Spring 2009
    • Rajasthan, India 2.5 weeks
      Indian village ethnography, curriculum development for a field school.
    • Research on Spiritist healing, cultural variation: case studies in Los Angeles, Brasilia, Abadiana, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    • Rajasthan, India: Affirmative Action with Women, NGOs, and non-state dispute processing.
    • Research on Spiritist healing, cultural variation: case studies in Los Angeles, Brasilia and Abadiana, Brazil.
  • Book

    • Moore, E. P. (2001). Gender, Power and Resistance in India. University of Arizona Press.
    • The Performance of Healing, Anthropology 301, 2012-2013
    • The Performance of Healing, Anthropology 499, 2008-2009
    • Culture, Gender, and Politics in South Asia: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka …., Anthropology, 2002-2003
    • Video , Documentary that explores the role of women in a northern Indian village in Rajasthan, India.
      Key terms: Islamic law, women, village counsel, marriage, healing. exorcism, gender. , 1998-1999
    • Video , Nara, Changes in the Rajasthan Village 2008, 2008-2009
    • Video , Child care in a Rajasthani Village, 2008-2009
    • Brazil PWP Anthro. 301, local fieldtrips, blogs, visit cities in Brazil, participant observ. resear, Spring 2013
    • Steven B. Sample Parent’s Association Teaching and Mentoring Award Nomination, 2011-2012
  • Other Advisement or Time Devoted to Students

    • 40th Annual Western Departments of Sociology and Anthropology Undergraduate Research Conference. Santa Clara University Chaired session “Culture in Changing Times”, mentored three students on their presentations, dress rehearsal, etc. April, Spring 2013