Erica Camisa Morale

Dornsife Fellow in General Education
Erica Camisa Morale


  • Ph.D. Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Southern California (USC), 5/2022
  • M.A. Russian Literature, University of Southern California, 5/2017
  • M.A. Theoretical, Applied and Modern Language Linguistics, University of Pavia, 4/2015
  • Erasmus Traineeship , Universität Leipzig, 4/2015
  • XXXVII International Summer Semin , St.Cyril and Methodius University, 8/2014
  • B.A. Modern Languages and Cultures. Summa cum laude, University of Pavia, 2/2013
  • Erasmus Programme , University of Warsaw, 6/2011
    • Dornsife Fellow in General Education, University of Southern California (USC), 2022-2023
  • Research, Teaching, Practice, and Clinical Appointments

    • Teaching Assistant , USC , 2018-2021
    • Assistant Lecturer in Russian Language, USC , 2017-2019
    • Assistant Lecturer in German Language, University of Pavia, 2014-2015
    • Assistant Lecturer in Italian Language, University of Pavia, 2013-2014
    • Tutorship in German Language Through Theater, University of Pavia, 2013-2014
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    I work at the intersection of various disciplines—literature, linguistics, philosophy, and anthropology—and investigate different aspects of early modern East Slavic culture, such as the origins of lyric poetry, the rise of the poetic self, and the development of a new role for the poet. I look at the transnational and interdisciplinary connections in literature and the arts, so my secondary scholarly interests focus on early 20th-century experimentations. For instance, I explore the influence of coeval cinema on the prose of Vladimir Nabokov, especially for what concerns the representation of the experience of time and imagination. I also examine the adaptation of plastic dance choreography to the physical culture parades of the Thirties by focusing on the work of such figures as Inna Chernetskaia, Ludmila Alekseeva, Lev Lukin, and Kasian Goleizovsky.

    Research Keywords

    Lyric persona, lyric poetry. Linguistic subjectivity, conceptions of the self, death poetry. Early modernity, modernisms, transnationalism. Vladimir Nabokov, literature & cinema, early twentieth-century cinema. Plastic dance, Physical culture parades.

  • Conference Presentations

    • Lyric Pact: Derzhavin and His First Readers , AATSEELTalk/Oral Presentation, Philadelphia, 02/17/2022 – 02/20/2022
    • Novels like Films: Cinematographic Techniques in Nabokov’s Prose , MLATalk/Oral Presentation, Washington DC, 01/06/2022 – 01/09/2022
    • (Fall 2022) GESM 120. Seminar in Humanistic Inquiry, TTh 09:30am – 10:50am, OFFICE
    • (Fall 2022) GESM 120. Seminar in Humanistic Inquiry, TTh 03:30pm – 04:50pm, KAP165
  • Book Chapters

    • Camisa Morale, E. (2022). The Poet Hryhorii Skovoroda: Knowledge as a Process. Socrates in Russia pp. 39-62. Leiden: Brill Publishers.

    Book Review

    • Camisa Morale, E. (2016). Review of I. Vinitsky, Vasily Zhukovsky’s Romanticism and the Emotional History of Russia. Slavic and East European Journal. pp. 354-355.

    Journal Article

    • Camisa Morale, E. (2022). “Every Lamentation Is a Consolation. On Nikolai Karamzin’s Death Poetry,” in Il Confronto Letterario. Il Confronto Letterario. Vol. 78 (2), pp. 247-270.
    • Camisa Morale, E. (2021). Andrei Platonov and Boris Pil’niak: The Pursuit of the Happy Man. Philological Class (Filologicheskii klass). Vol. 26 (1), pp. 107-117.
  • Conferences Organized

    • Organizer, Presenter, Vladimir Nabokov and the Visual Arts, Boston, 12/2018 –
    • Organizer, Presenter, The Idyll in the Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel, Washington DC, 02/2018 –
    • Organizer, Discussant, AATSEEL, Online, 2022-2023
    • Organizer , Russian Poetry and Poetics, Philadelphia, 02/17/2022 – 02/20/2022
    • Organizer, Presenter, Lyric Pact: Poets and Their Readers, Philadelphia, 02/17/2022 – 02/20/2022