David Dows

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry


  • Ph.D. , University of California, Berkeley, 1/1954
  • B.S. , University of California, Berkeley, 1/1952
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    Professor Dows studies intermolecular potentials in crystals. Specifically, his research interests include molecular crystal spectroscopy, phase transitions, anharmonic processes in lattice dynamics, spectroscopy of orientationally disordered crystals, and molecular dynamics as applied to crystal systems, all with concern for intermolecular potentials in crystals.

    Professor Dows also studies the spectroscopy of excited electronic states using absorption, fluorescence, multiphoton ionization and magnetic field effects to investigate molecular structures, lifetimes and vibronic interactions; molecular fragmentation photochemistry; and the theory of scattering of molecules from a crystal surface using quasiclassical trajectory methods.