Carlos Antonio Delgado

Associate Professor (Teaching) of Writing
Email Office JEF 237 Office Phone (213) 740-1980


Carlos Antonio Delgado earned his MFA from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008. He was the winner the 2008 Turow-Kinder Fiction Award. His writing has appeared in Twelve Stories, The Acentos Review, Pittsburgh Noir, and Catholic Digest, among others. He was a K. Leroy Irvis fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and a recipient of an EIDOS grant. He has taught writing (and literature and philosophy and theology and history and pedagogy and rhetoric) in widely varied settings, from prestigious universities to inner city high schools. He is the founder and director of Life Writers Collaborative, co-founder and co-director of the Just Love Coalition, and Director of Curriculum at WeaveWriter. Today, he lives in Whittier, CA, and teaches writing to undergraduates at the University of Southern California.