Caleb Finch

University Professor, ARCO/William F. Kieschnick Chair in the Neurobiology of Aging and Professor of Gerontology, Biological Sciences, Anthropology, and Psychology
Email Office GER 336 Office Phone (213) 740-1758

Research & Practice Areas

Aging and Development Biology, Ecology, Behavior & Evolution, Signal Transduction and Gene Regulation, Neurobiology & Computational Neurobiology


  • Ph.D. , Rockefeller University, 1/1969
  • B.S. Biophysics, Yale University, 1/1961
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    Finch’s main interests are the genomic regulation of aging processes. He has authored five books: Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome (1990); Aging: A Natural History (1995, with R. Ricklefs); Chance, Development, and Aging (2000, with TBL Kirkwood); The Biology of Human Longevity (2007); and Global Air Pollution in Aging and Disease (2018). In 550 reports and reviews since 1966, Finch has lead developments in the fields of the neuroendocrinology and pharmacology of normal aging and Alzheimer disease, and in the biodemography of aging.

    Research Keywords

    Alzheimers Disease, Biological Causes of Aging, Human Longevity

  • Journal Article

    • Finch, C. (2006). Infection, inflammation, height, and longevity. No Journal Defined. Vol. 103, pp. 498-503.
    • Finch, C. (2005). Reversible age impairments in neurite outgrowth by manipulations of astrocytic GFAP. Neurobiology of Aging/Unknown. Vol. 26, pp. 705-715.
    • Gomi, H., Sun, W., Finch, C., Itohara, S., Yoshimi, K., Thompson, R. F. (1999). Learning induces a CDC2-related protein kinase, KKIAMRE. Journal of Neuroscience. Vol. vol. 19, pp. pp. 9530-9537.
    • USC University Professor, , 2001
    • American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, Fellow, 1987
    • Irving Wright Award of AFAR and the Research Award of AGE, 1999
    • Sandoz Premier Prize by the International Geriatric Association, 1995
    • Robert W. Kleemeier Award of the Gerontological Society of America, 1985
    • USC Associates Award For Creativity In Research And Scholarship, , 1985