Alice Gambrell

Associate Professor of English
Email Office THH 414 Office Phone (213) 740-3737


Alice Gambrell teaches, writes, and makes experimental projects about relationships between physical and digital media, and is particularly interested in mixtures of or points of contact between the two. Her book in progress (Making Work) looks at below-the-line labor as visible and invisible presence in a range of artforms that mark the analog/digital shift.


  • M.A. Interactive Design and Game Development, Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Ph.D. English, University of Virginia
  • M.A. English, University of Virginia
  • B.A. English, Dartmouth College
  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    Alice Gambrell’s research interests include modernism, gender studies, minority discourse analysis,and relationships between analog and digital media.Her published research includes essays on stop motion animation, fashion journalism, the history of feminist theory, and the pleasures and torments of office work.

  • Monograph

    • Gambrell, A. (1997). Women Intellectuals, Modernism, and Difference: Transatlantic Culture 1919 – 1945. Cambridge University Press.
    • multimedia, The Stolen Time Archive (collaboration with artist Raegan Kelly), published in Vectors #1., 2005-2006