Aitor Marcos Diaz

Postdoctoral Scholar - Research Associate
Aitor Marcos Diaz
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  • Summary Statement of Research Interests

    I’m a consumer researcher investigating demand-side solutions for climate change mitigation. Specifically, I use experimental economics methods to investigate how to influence the norms, values, preferences, and structural factors that shape resource and energy demand – this constitutes my main research question. By focusing on the demand side of the equation, my research revolves around the following solutions: reducing or shifting consumption patterns, seeking an efficient consumption of material and energy resources, investing to accelerate the energy transition, adopting low-carbon lifestyles and supporting climate policies. These solutions depend on the behaviors of individuals, businesses and policymakers, who make decisions amidst the risks and uncertainties posed by the climate crisis.

    Despite my topical and methodological focus on individual behavior change, I acknowledge the importance of adopting a systems perspective. To that end, I’m developing a research agenda at the intersection of consumer research, behavioral economics, and ecological economics. Regarding my methodological skillset, I seek to complement my experimental studies with agent-based modelling and market research methods. My aim is to understand when and how individual pro-environmental behavior can trigger cascading effects (i.e., social tipping points) that facilitate larger systemic changes.

    Research Keywords

    Sustainable consumption; Consumer behavior; Climate policy