If you are an undergraduate you can obtain permission to register to enroll in a graduate course by having the instructor of the graduate course you wish to take evaluate your background. If the instructor finds you have sufficient background to succeed in that graduate course, then complete this google form, and then write the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in Math (currently: tokorche@usc.edu), including a copy of the approval from the instructor and a statement that the google form is complete. If a pre-requisite waiver is needed, then after you receive a letter from the DUS, and before sending it on to the registrar at onestop@usc.edu, please contact Arnold Deal at deal@usc.edu to obtain one.

In the case that your background is found to be sufficient by the instructor, and you lack any of the necessary USC MATH prerequisites for the graduate course in question, perhaps having taken like, but not equivalent, material outside USC, be advised that after completion of the graduate course, should you want to then take and receive credit for any USC course that is listed as a prerequisite for the graduate course you will have completed, you will need to file an `out of sequence petition’, whose outcome is determined by a University committee, outside the department of Mathematics.

If you are taking graduate classes in order to satisfy the requirements of a Progressive Degree Program (PDP), please keep careful track of the number of units that are being credited to the Undergraduate, and Graduate portions of your program. In particular, you will need to complete at least 2/3 of the unit requirement for the MA/MS degree, and the registrar must be made aware when you enroll for the courses in which these units are earned that they should be counted towards the graduate portion of your degree.