Out of Sequence Petitions are evaluated based on academic grounds, that is, whether you gained new knowledge when taking the `out of sequence course’. So, to increase your chances of having your Out of Sequence Petition approved by the University, you should focus your rationale on material, if any, that was covered in the ‘out of sequence’ pre-requisite course that was not covered in the more advanced course you took earlier. In particular, your petition is not strengthened by rationales such as the pre-requisite course could not have been taken earlier, or occurred because of a change in your program that you decided on during the course of your studies or one you did not anticipate, or that the petition must be approved for reasons of on-time graduation.

For instance, if someone took MATH B before taking MATH A, and MATH B required complete knowledge of MATH A, then no matter the reason MATH A was taken out of sequence, there would be no basis for the University to grant credit for MATH A, as it covered only material that a student already knew.

Lastly, your petition should consist of a single pdf file only, which includes all of what is required, and in particular the University form as well as your statement of justification.