The U.S.C. Undergraduate Transfer Credit Office (Articulation) works in concert with the Mathematics department and handles matters of transfer credit and course equivalence for lower division Mathematics courses. Articulation will not hesititate to contact MATH directly should the need arise, and, as they apply the same standards as MATH when determining equivalence, decisions made by articulation should be considered equivalent as those made by MATH.

If you wish to contest articulation’s decision to deny equivalence to a transfer course, you may file a petition directly to articulation. A successful petition must address the specific reason that the transfer course in question was not found to be equivalent. For instance, say equivalence was denied because it was found that the transfer course in question did not cover ‘Topic X’. In this case, a petition of the following form will not be successful:  ‘Articulation found that my course was not equivalent, but I looked at the syllabus of the USC course, and my course covered all the same topics.’ A petition more likely to be successful will be of the following form: ‘Articulation did not grant equivalence to my transfer course as they found that my course did not cover ‘Topic X’. I am attaching official course materials from my transfer course along with this petition. On page 2, line 17 of the attached document, please note that ‘Topic X’ was covered in my course during weeks 9 and 10.’