Brownbags and Research Roundtables

The Center for the Changing Family's Brownbag Talks 


May 11th: Research Roundtable on CCF's Small Grant Awardees

Watch our second research roundtable highlighting CCF's supported projects with our small grants award program.


March 9th: Panel on the Politics of Care 

Watch our discussion on the politics of care and the new policy changes planned by the Biden Administration. This event was a partnership with the USC Center for the Changing Families and the USC Center for the Political Future.

The panelists include: Brencia Berry (Political Director, PL+US Paid Leave For the United States), Jimmy Gomez (U.S. Representative (D-CA)), Vicki Shabo (Senior Fellow, Paid Leave Policy and Strategy, Better Life Lab at New America), and moderated by Jennifer Hook (Professor of Sociology, USC).


February 9th: Conversation with Elliot Haspel and Dr. Dorian Traube

Elliot Haspel, author of Crawling Behind, will discuss the childcare crisis and its implications for children and families with Dorian Traube of USC's Suzanne Dworak Peck School of Social Work. 

We were so caught up in discussing childcare that we did not record the first few minutes, but the majority of the discussion is here!


January 19th: Brownbag Talk with Dr. Christine Beckman

Dr. Christine Beckman spoke about her new book "Dreams of the Overworked: Living, Working, and Parenting in the Digital Age."

November 10th: Brownbag Talk with Dr. Emily Smith-Greenaway

Dr. Emily Smith-Greenaway spoke about her global program of research on the toll of bereavement and premature mortality, including her recent work on estimating the bereavement burden of the COVID-19 pandemic


October 14th: Brownbag Talk with Dr. María J. Prados 

Listen to Dr. Maria J. Prados's brownbag in which she discusses gender differences in couples' divsion of childcare, work, and mental health during COVID-19.


September 8th: Research Roundtable on COVID-19 and the Family
Tune into our first research roundtable on CCF supported projects with our small grants award program on COVID-19 and the family.