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Cover Story: These USC Dornsife researchers step up to the plate to combat food insecurity. By Pamela J. Johnson  

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Brave New World

By studying transatlantic food culture through the lens of an 18th-century cookbook, doctoral student Juliette Parsons sheds light on the formation of modern American eating habits.

Fearless Foodies

Guided by their love of food, these alumni took unconventional career paths and tasted success.

Let’s Dig In

Bite by bite, students get a taste of the ways politics, culture and gender are sprinkled into everyday meals.

The Search for a Wild Weed

After several personal losses, alumna Ava Chin immerses herself in places like New York’s Central Park — discovering delectable mushrooms, mulberries and even saving a swarm of wild honeybees.

The Vicious Circle

Contemplating devouring that doughnut? Biologist Scott Kanoski’s research shows that eating junk food tricks the brain into wanting to reach for that sugary or fatty treat.

In My Opinion:

All Grown Up

The Trojan Guardian Scholars program helps Lucero Noyola connect with her true inner power.

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