To explain Korea to the world through research and teaching.


    The Korean Studies Institute (KSI) at USC encourages understanding of Korea in the USC community and beyond. Focusing on both historical and contemporary issues, the KSI seeks to increase the visibility of Korean studies through its student and faculty support and ambitious public programming.

  • Located next to Los Angeles' Koreatown - one of the largest groupings of ethnic Koreans outside of Korea itself - USC has long had a natural interest in Korean studies. USC first taught Korean language in 1942, and since then a number of notable Korean studies scholars have taught at USC. The Korean Studies Institute was established in 1995 to further spur the development of education and research about Korea at USC.


    Today the KSI houses ten affiliated faculty members, along with numerous visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows. Along with a Minor Degree in Korean Studies offered by the East Asian Studies Center, we teach and support undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in a variety of disciplines dealing with Korea.

    We hope that you will visit us soon for one of our many events, projects, and classes.


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