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Islam, Sharia & Alternative Dispute Resolution

A Moderated Book Discussion with author Dr. Mohamed M. Keshavjee

A lecture by author Mohamed Keshavjee on Sharia, or Islamic law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

The meanings and contexts of Shari'a are the subject of both curiosity and misunderstanding. Far from being monolithic or impervious to change from without, Muslim legal tradition has—since its beginnings in the early Islamic period—placed an emphasis on equity and non-adversarial conflict-resolution. Mohamed Keshavjee, in his book Islam, Sharia & Alternative Dispute Resolution, examines both Sunni and Shi'a applications of Islamic law, demonstrating how political, cultural and other factors have influenced the practice of fiqh and Shari'a in the West. Exploring in particular the modern development of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the author shows that this process can revitalize some of the essential principles that underlie Muslim teachings and jurisprudence, delivering not only formal remedies but also perceived justice.

Dr. Mohamed Keshavjee received his LLM from the London University in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Islamic Law, International Protection of Human Rights and Arab Comparative Commercial Law. He is an international speaker on the topic of ADR and Islam. Dr. Keshavjee is a member of the Board of Governors of The Institute of Ismaili Studies, London and a member of the EU panel of International Family Mediators.

Lunch will be served