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Nuclear Energy after Fukushima

CIS Panel Discussion

CIS hosts John Mueller (Ohio State University), Toshihiro Higuchi (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Jacques Hymans (USC) in a panel discussion on nuclear energy after Fukushima.
John Mueller is the Ralph D. Mershon Senior Research Scientist at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies of Ohio State University. He is also adjunct professor of Political Science at Ohio State and a Cato Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC. He is a leading expert on terrorism and particularly on the reactions (or over-reactions) it often inspires.More info: Toshihiro Higuchi is American Council of Learned Societies New Faculty Fellow 2012-2014 at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Trained as an international environmental historian, he is interested in the science, politics, and ethics of environmental pollution, natural resources, and environmental health in the globalizing twentieth-century world.More info: Jacques Hymans is Associate Professor of international relations at USC. His research focuses on international security affairs and on national identity.More info: