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Upcoming Events

2014 Graduate School Fair

Same-Sex Intimacies in an Early Modern African Text about an Ethiopian Female Saint, Gädlä Wälättä P̣eṭros

Archives, Algorithms and Art

Imperial Convents of Kyoto

Action Through Art: The Poetry of Ono no Komachi

The Punk Singer: A Screening and Discussion with Kathleen Hanna

The Julie Ruin
With Sex Stains

Human Factors Info Session

Bioinformatics for the analysis of regulatory sequences and applied interpretation of human genomes

Election Night Live Viewing Party

Medicine and the Image: The Visible Human

Yoga with Fisher @ USC

Students Talk Back: A Politics and Public Policy Forum

Beast of America: Sovereignty and the Anarchy of Objects

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark Masterson

From Eighteen Scholars to Four Accomplishments: Images of Scholars in China and Japan

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