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One part of CSII's work is to remake the narrative and spur dialogue around immigrant integration. To that end, we aim to develop compelling, relevant messaging rooted in rigorous data.  CSII works with a range of media outletsprint, broadcast (radio and TV), and increasingly online (via blogs and social media).

CSII's recent media mentions are listed below in chronological order.  For media coverage from previous years, please visit CSII's News Archive page »


Legal decision could resonate most in immigration epicenter of Los Angeles

April 17, 2016
The Washington Post
Robert Barnes

With the largest concentration of undocumented immigrants - one million individuals  - Los Angeles County will certainly experience the effects of President Obama's immigration plan, should the Supreme Court approve it. Professor Pastor comments on the state of immigration integration in California: "We understand that undocumented folks are now part of the state's fabric. One of six people you touch in the labor force is not here legally." 

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Volteando la página del odio

April 6, 2016
Radio Bilingue
Samuel Orozco

Professor Manuel Pastor spoke live on-air on Radio Bilingue’s Línea Abierta to discuss the Turning The Page On Hate event, and a range of newsworthy topics around the need for a foundation of respect, care, and community to promote civil discourse for social change amidst a very polarized political climate. When asked how he thinks the political and socioeconomic climate of the U.S. has changed, Pastor said, "Podemos ver que hay mas separacion redencial, que los ricos estan viviendo con otros ricos, los pobres con otros pobres. Entonces no solo es la desaparacion de la clase media en la sociedad, sino que tambien, hay menos contacto entre las clases sociales. We can see that there is more residental separation, where the rich are living with other rich, the poor with other poor. So it is not only the disappearance of the middle class in society, but there is also less contact between the social classes."

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California Counts: Project aims to pair US citizens with immigrants to vote 'together'

April 6, 2016
89.3 KPCC
By Leslie Berestein Rojas

Vote Allies, an emerging voter project in California, hopes to pair up nonvoters with individuals that can cast ballots. In doing so, Vote Allies wants to provide more political sway to the following groups: non-citizen legal residents, immigrants without legal status, and citizens excluded from voting due to a prior felony offense. CSII Director Manuel Pastor says that civic engagement and participating among immigrants without legal status is not a new phemonenon, but does have beneficial effects: "It allows a people with a lot of skin in the game in this country a way to get a voice by essentially relying on somebody else to be their voice," says Pastor.

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Poll: Most California voters think illegal immigration is a problem, but don't see mass deportation as the answer

March 31, 2016
Los Angeles Times
By Kate Linthicum 

The latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times statewide poll finds that nearly two-thirds of California voters do think illegal immigration is a pressing state issue, but disagree that mass deportation is the right solution. CSII director Manuel Pastor says this positive attitude toward immigration issues is due to shifting attitudes on diversity, identity, and race. "Really the debate about immigration is a debate about identity. And younger people are much more likely than older generations to have experienced some diversity in their schools and their own life."

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DAPA Matters to U.S. Citizen Family Members in States Across the Country

March 22, 2016
Center for American Progress
By Liz Ocampo 

In less than a month, the U.S. Supreme Court is due to hear arguments regarding DAPA and DACA in United States v. Texas. This article cites a previous report by the Center for American Progress and CSII, DAPA Matters: The Growing Electorate Directly Affected by Executive Action on Immigration. Aside from the original estimates in the report, the article offers updated state-by-state estimates for the number of U.S. citizens who will be of voting age in 2016 and 2020 living in the same household as DAPA-eligible individuals. 

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Latinos line up to get naturalized and stop Trump

March 17, 2016
CNN Politics
By Kyung Lah and Alberto Moya

Confronted by Trump's fiery anti-immigration rhetoric, immigrants are choosing to take matters in their hands by seeking naturalization. This CNN Politics article cites data from CSII's newest interactive data map. The numbers reveal just how big of an impact eligible-to-naturalize Latino immigrants could make on the U.S. voting-age population.

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Related media stories:

Decades after anti-immigrant policies, LA's development is a lesson for Phoenix

March 16, 2016
Cronkite News: Arizona PBS
By Molly Bilker

CSII data analyst Jared Sanchez was quoted in this article by a PBS affiliate on what Phoenix could learn from Los Angeles in terms of immigrant rhetoric. 

"Arizona is kind of in a place where LA/California was in the early-mid 90's, in terms of SB 1070 in 2010... this kind of hostility toward immigrants," Sanchez said. "This moment of hostility and anti-immigrant rhetoric is at its peak now, with the idea of moving (toward more pro-immigrant ideas) later on, as California did."

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Mexicanos, ¿por qué no se hacen ciudadanos de EEUU?

March 9, 2016
La Opinión
By Isaias Alvarado

This article cites a CSII study showing that Los Angeles has a disproportionately large number of Mexican immigrants that do not apply for naturalization, despite being eligible to do so.

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More Latinos Seek Citizenship to Vote Against Trump

March 7, 2016
The New York Times
By Julia Preston

This article by Julia Preston discusses how Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric is fueling his campaign's wins in the Republican primaries, but is also causing a more rapid rise in the number of eligible-to-naturalize Latino immigrantsmany of whom are rushing to apply for citizenship in time to vote in November. But why wouldn't more eligible immigrants apply for citizenship any way? There are various obstacles to full naturalization, according to CSII's Manuel Pastor, including the high naturalization fee. 

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Obama administration is starting in L.A. to help immigrants become citizens

January 29, 2016
Los Angeles Times
By Sarah D. Wire

On Friday, January 29, Obama administration officials met with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and other Los Angeles leaders and organizations to discuss ways to help more immigrants obtain their U.S. citizenship. This meeting was part of the White House Task Force on New Americans, who are also working with cities in 25 other states. CSII Director Manuel Pastor was in attendance for this closed-door meeting.


Why Immigrant Integration Matters to Preventing Another San Bernardino Tragedy

January 27, 2016
Huffington Post
Manuel Pastor and Manjusha P. Kulkarni

CSII Director Manuel Pastor and the Executive Director of the South Asian Network, Manjusha P. Kulkarni, offer their take on the San Bernardino tragedy and the anti-immigrant rhetoric in its wake. They make the case for increasing immigrant intergration efforts and how this holistic view can make communities safer for allimmigrants and native-born residents alike.


Number of undocumented immigrants have declined to the lowest levels in over a decade

January 20, 2016
Los Angeles Times
By Kate Linthicum

For the first time in more than a decade, the number of unauthorized immigrants in California has dropped to below 11 million, according to The Center for Migration Studies. This decline stands in contrast to the tone of the anti-immigrant rhetoric being thrown around by GOP candidate Donald Trump, who insists that illegal immigration is “beyond belief” and endangers America’s economy and security. Professor Manuel Pastor offers his views on why the decline is occurring, and characterizes Trump's views on immigration as "detached from reality."

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Cities Have Moved Ahead to Welcome, Integrate Immigrants

December 15, 2015
NBC News
By Suzanne Gamboa

CSII report "Opening Minds, Opening Doors, Opening Communities: Cities Leading for Immigrant Integration" was cited in this article discussing the need for immigrant integration across American cities. Coauthored by The Americas Society/Council of the Americas and Welcoming America, the report categorizes cities based on their attitudes toward immigrants. “We do have a divided country, although the divisions are more complex than people might think,” CSII director Manuel Pastor said. 

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Growing Number of Voters Have Families Impacted by Immigration Policy

November 19, 2015
NBC News
By Griselda Nevarez

For more than 6.3 million American citizens, DAPA would mean protection for their unauthorized relatives and friends. A new report by Center for American Progress and CSII examines the potential electoral impact of people considered to be “DAPA-affected” voters.  This article features our findings from ”DAPA Matters: The Growing Electorate Directly Affected by Executive Action on Immigration."

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Immigrants May Impact An Election

November 19, 2015
NPR: The Two-Way 
By Richard Gonzales

A new report by Center for American Progress and CSII, titled "DAPA Matters: The Growing Electorate Directly Affected by Executive Action on Immigration", was cited in an NPR story discussing the electoral consequences of refusing citizenship to America's 3.7 million unauthorized. The article cites data from the DAPA report, and talks about the potential political impact of those affected by DAPA, mainly authorized family members of the unauthorized. "About 82 percent of the DAPA-sensitive potential voters in 2016 are Latino and about 85 percent in 2020," according to CSII's Manuel Pastor.

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Diversity in Southern California's Asian immigrant community

October 4, 2015
San Bernardino Sun
By Brenda Gazzar

The Pew Research Center reported last week that Asian immigrants are expected to surpass Hispanics in becoming the largest immigrant group in the U.S. by 2055. In Los Angeles County, the Asian population is growing twice as quickly as the Latino population.

Manuel Pastor commented in this story on the economic and educational diversity of the Asian immigrant population in Southern California.

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Legal fight over Obama's immigration orders may outlast his presidency

September 29, 2015
CNN Politics
By Ariane de Vogue

Last November, President Obama vowed to ease the fear of deportation for some four million undocumented U.S. workers. However, after 26 states and U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen came forth to challenge Obama's proposed programs, executive action was halted indefinitely. Millions of families awaiting legal documentation are mired in the process, with no definite solutions on the horizon.

CSII's data on the number of children with DAPA eligible parents (from the report, The Kids Aren't Alright: But They Could Be) was cited by CNN:  "According to the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at the University of Southern California, there are 6.3 million children who live in a household with a DAPA eligible mother or father, and 5.5 million are U.S. citizens."

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The White House Plan That could Get Millions Of Immigrants To Vote

September 18, 2015
By Asma Khalid

In response to the White House's Citizenship Awareness Campaign, "Stay Stronger", NPR reporter Asma Khalid interviewed various immigration experts on their reactions to the new initiative. In response to allegations that Obama's new initiative is born out of a desire to win more Democratic voters, CSII Director Manuel Pastor commented that the deepening immigration debate heightens the need for naturalization amongst immigrants because they have the power to sway policy.

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The GOP field spent an evening at the Reagan library trashing Reagan's immigration policy

September 16, 2015
By Dylan Matthews

In an article highlighting the irony of last night’s GOP debate taking place in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library (Reagan staunchly supported amnesty), Vox's Dylan Matthews cited several studies showing the positive economic impacts of citizenship. He cited Manuel Pastor and Justin Scoggins work in CSII’s "Citizen Gain" report which found that citizenship alone could boost individual earnings by 8 to 11 percent, leading to a potential $21 - 45 billion increase in cumulative earnings over ten years.

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Groups urge immigrants to naturalize

September 8, 2015
By Christian Esteban

As immigration issues heat up on the presidental campaign trail, this article discusses how Los Angeles county leaders and organizations are working to promote citizenship among eligible residents. The article also cited CSII's work, noting the importance of voter education and registration in promoting civic participation among naturalized citizens.

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L.A. County and the New Americans Campaign partner to promote Citizenship Day (September 17th)

September 8, 2015
Huffington Post: Blog
By Elena Shore

In honor of Citizenship Day this September 17th, Los Angeles County is entering a partnership with the New Americans Campaign and ethnic media to naturalize more green card holders, especially those who cannot afford the application cost or are ESL speakers.  The article cited CSII's research on how registered naturalized citizens show higher political participation than unregistered naturalized citizens.  This reflects the idea behind the campaign that citizenship is not the end of the journey, but rather, the "beginning of a journey to civic participation". 

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Audio: KPCC Take Two interview with Prof. Pastor on immigration

August 26, 2015
Take Two KPCC
Hosted by Alex Cohen & A Martínez

Professor Manuel Pastor was interviewed alongside Erika Lee, director of the Immigration Research History Center at the University of Minnesota, on these questions: How has the debate on immigration changed from those of past presidental debates? Are there any recurring themes that crop up in these debates? 

At a time when the immigration debate has sparked high controversy and debate, these questions prove to be more important than ever to consider. 

Listen to the interview here >>


Audio: Marketplace Weekend interview with Prof. Pastor on Sanctuary Cities

July 24, 2015
Marketplace Weekend
Lizzie O'Leary, Raghu Manavalan

APM Marketplace Weekend interviewed CSII's Manuel Pastor for his take on sanctuary city policies, their impact on local economies, and how cultivating cooperation and trust through community policing is more effective than deportation.

Listen to the interview here >>

Audio: KCRW's Press Play with Madeline Brand

July 16, 2015
KCRW's Press Play with Madeleine Brand

In this edition of Press Play, Madeleine Brand talks with Manuel Pastor and journalist Seung Min Kim about sanctuary cities.

Listen to the interview here >>

Health care for undocumented immigrant children: The right thing to do

July 20, 2015
LA Daily News

CSII's report, "What's at Stake for the State" was cited in an LA Daily News' editorial supporting health care coverage for undocumented children (through Senate Bill 4 by Ricardo Lara, D-Long Beach).

The editorial board stated, "Moreover, the two-prong fixes address another phenomenon of this immigrant-rich state: what demographers call mixed families: According to a USC study, 74 percent of undocumented immigrant-headed households in California have at least one citizen in the house."


Some Merced farmers say work-permit proposal for people here illegally could ease labor shortages

July 19, 2015
The Orange County Register

CSII's data was recently cited in an article by the OC Register, which discusses a potential solution to labor shortages by creating more work-permits for illegal workers. 


Image provided by Orange County Register.


CNN en Español panel on new biracial Spider-Man

June 26, 2015
CNN en Español

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics announced that their Spider-Man character will have a new alter egoa half-African-American and half-Latino teenager named Miles Morales. CNN en Español's "Realidades en Contexto" aired a TV segment featuring cultural and social commentary from panelists including CSII research assistant, Walter Thompson-Hernandez.

One (Economic) Argument for ONE California

May 2015
Huffington Post blog post
by Manuel Pastor

The CA state legislature will soon be considering "One California," a budget proposal to extend a modest $20 million to qualified nonprofits to help immigrants enroll in administrative relief programs announced by the President (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA], DACA-extension, and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans [DAPA]) as well as encourage citizenship for Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs). 

In this piece, Prof. Pastor offers an economic analysis for why One California matters for the state.



Immigration Action Could Lift 40K CA Kids Out of Poverty

Al Jazeera America
aired April 16, 2015

In an aired segment, Jennifer London from Al Jazeera's LA bureau spoken in-depth with local families, advocates and CSII's Prof. Pastor about our recent report on the impacts of DAPA on children and the its potential to lift 40,000 CA kids out of poverty.

Images below/video link unavailable:

KPCC's Take Two: "Nearly 80 percent of Latino families struggle to get by in LA"

March 23, 2015
KPCC Take Two

A Martinez interviewed Manuel Pastor about an Economic Policy Institute study which found that Latino families have a harder time making ends meet compared to any other ethnic groups in Los Angeles area.

Media coverage for CSII's "The Impact of DAPA on Children" Report

EPI study on income insufficiency demographics in L.A. metro area

March 19, 2015
Contra Costa Times
By Brenda Gazzar

CSII co-director Manuel Pastor commented on a story that covered a recent Economic Policy Institute study. One of EPI's findings: nearly 80 percent of Hispanics in the Los Angeles metropolitan area struggling economically.


Telemundo: Desempleo entre hispanos disminuye en parte a medidas más estrictas de inmigración

March 11, 2015
By Maria Paula Ochoa

"Unemployment among Hispanics decreased in part to stricter immigration measures"

Watch online clip of news story >>

Obama Immigration Action Hits Legal Roadblocks

February 23, 2015
U.S. News and World Report

Susan Milligan quotes Prof. Pastor in this piece covering last week's ruling to stall President Obama's executive action on immigration:

“'It can alienate not only immigrants themselves, but their children,' even though the GOP might otherwise have an appeal to the Hispanic community, says Manuel Pastor..."

"'It’s been described as a litmus [test] issue. It’s not the most important thing to Latinos, but you have to be on the right side of it to get people to listen' on other matters, he says."


What Will Los Angeles Look Like in the Post-Immigrant Era?

February 19, 2015
Curbed LA

Curbed LA covered the Third LA event on "Post-Immigrant Los Angeles" where CSII's Co-Director, Manuel Pastor was a guest panelist.

[Immigration] is dramatically tapering off," said Manuel Pastor, professor of sociology at USC. "We are … coming to the end of the demographic process." That tapering off, however, does not signify the tapering off of immigrant influence on the city. Assimilation is out; first and second generation Americans are today "trying to understand the culture they're from," as Pastor put it.

Read more on Curbed >>

Afrolatinos in L.A.

February 11, 2015

La Opinión
By Araceli Martinez 

In this La Opinión piece on Afrolatinos living in L.A., PERE/CSII research assistant, Walter Thompson-Hernández and his video, "The Other LA: Reimagining Afro-Latinidad" are prominently featured.

Read more >> 



The People’s Academic

February 9, 2015

USC News
By Lizzie Hedrick

USC Dornsife's featured a story on PERE/CSII Director, Manuel Pastor's recent installation ceremony as the inaugural holder of the Turpanjian Chair in Civil Society and Social Change. The piece features notable quotes from Prof. Pastor and Mr. Gerald Turpanjian.



Most States Suing Obama Over Immigration Have Small Undocumented Populations

January 29, 2015
The National Journal
by Ron Brownstein 

The National Journal's Ron Brownstein interviews Prof. Manuel Pastor about the cities and states acting in response to President Obama's Executive Action on immigration: why are some supportive and others suing? Prof. Pastor explains that in communities with large numbers of immigrants, those immigrants are deeply woven into the fabric of the economy and daily life. 

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NBC News: "High Fees Limiting U.S. Citizenship to Wealthy, Non-Mexicans"

January 12, 2014


By Suzanne Gamboa

NBC spoke in depth with CSII's Prof. Manuel Pastor for more context behind recently released data and analysis on the impact of high naturalization fees (by CSII, Center for American Progress, and the National Partnership for New Americans).

"... there is almost no justification once someone is an LPR (legal permanent resident) to say that somebody who is more or less educated should have a right to become an American citizen. That's positively un-American." - Manuel Pastor

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Santa Ana leaders encourage young Latino activists to speak, by ballot

January 5, 2015
LA Times
by Cindy Carcamo

This piece delves into a generational conflict in the political world of Santa Ana, where an older group of Latino politicians are at odds with the demands of younger activists. 

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Employers Help Legal Immigrants on Path to Citizenship

December 25, 2014
by Richard Gonzalez

This piece looks at the New American Workforce program, which helps employers help their employees on the path to citizenship. 

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Mayor's office to help L.A.'s immigrants navigate Obama's work permit program

December 3, 2014
by John Schreiber

MyNewsLA reports that the LA Mayor's office will hold workshops in the coming months to help the city's undocumented immigrants apply to remain in the country and continue working. 

Read the full article >>

Op-ed: "Those safe from deportation now need access to affordable health care services"

November 26, 2014

Special to The Sacramento Bee

By Michael A. Rodriguez, Steven P. Wallace and Manuel Pastor

In this collaborative piece with CSII's allies at UCLA, the op-ed's authors assert that although President Obama's executive action may give undocumented immigrants "relief from their fear of using health services, it does nothing to help them access those services."

Read full op-ed >>

NY Times: "Turmoil Over Immigration Status? California Has Lived It for Decades"

November 22, 2014

New York Times
By Adam Nagourney, Ian Lovett, and Vindu Goel

“We are the state that has the most settled immigrant population in terms of people who have been in the country for 10 years,” said Manuel Pastor, a co-director of the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration at the University of Southern California. “We went through our Prop. 187 moment. We are at the other end. People will be eager to make this happen, because they realize we are going to get comprehensive immigration reform at some point.”

Read full article via NY Times >>

Video: Manuel Pastor on CBS LA TV on executive action announcement


November 20, 2014
Dave Bryan, political reporter

CSII's Manuel Pastor spoke on camera with CBS LA News just minutes after President Obama's executive action announcement.

Watch video via CBS (Prof. Pastor appears at 2 min. 18 sec. mark) >>


L.A. Times: "Obama's immigration overhaul could benefit many in California"


November 19, 2014
Los Angeles Times
By Kate Linthicum and Cindy Carcamo

The L.A. Times cited CSII's research in this piece on the potential impacts in California --published the day before President Obama's executive action announcement.

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Media hits on "Citizenship: A Wise Investment for Cities" report with CPD and NPNA

On September 17th 2014, The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), and the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) released a new report titled "Citizenship: A Wise Investment for Cities" on the civic, economic, and social benefits of naturalization in American cities. 

View the News Release »

Media mentions include:

Media hits on "Looking Forward 2014" report with CIPC

September 2014

Along with the recent release of the 2014 update of the Looking Forward report with the California Immigrant Policy Center came a round of media hits.

Interviews with CSII's Jared Sanchez, the lead data analyst for this report

Interview with CSII's Co-Director, Manuel Pastor

Other noteworthy media mentions include:

Telemundo 52 L.A.: "Aquí Están los Hechos" ("Here are the Facts")

July 26, 2014

With a nod to The California Endowment's #Health4All campaign, Telemundo noted the benefits to all California residents when undocumented immigrants receive healthcare coverage. The article cited CSII's research that undocumented Californians comprise seven percent of the state population and nine percent of the workforce— underscoring their significant economic and social contributions to the state economy.

"Background Briefing" Radio Show on Immigration Reform and Political Landscape

July 24, 2014

"Background Briefing" radio show with Ian Masters

KPFK's Ian Masters spoke with CSII Co-director, Manuel Pastor about his recent L.A. Times op-ed "GOP focused on wrong set of children" and the political landscape affecting broader issues of immgration reform.

Listen to the audio (mp3) »

L.A.Times Op-Ed: "GOP Focused on Wrong Set of Children"

By Manuel Pastor
July 24, 2014

In the midst of re-ignited debates about immigration policy because of the child refugee crisis at the border, this timely op-ed pointed out how Republicans are focusing on the wrong set of children -- and the wrong set of voters.
Pastor's piece warned that the GOP's harsh rhetoric on immigration reform will have lasting political consequences, as the citizen children of undocumented immigrants will be able to cast 11 million votes over the next five presidential elections.

Pastor's op-ed is based on research released in CSII's July 2014 report with the Center for American Progress, “Citizenship Matters: How Children of Immigrants Will Sway the Future of Politics.”

View/download this report (PDF) »

Prof. Pastor Interviewed on NBC TV's "News Conference" About the Child Migrant Crisis

July 6, 2014

NBC TV reporter Conan Nolan featured an interview with Dr. Manuel Pastor on the Sunday "News Conference" show.  In this seven minute segment, Dr. Pastor outlined the multiple, complex causes of violence causing children and families to flee Central America at unprecendented rates. 

Watch the video »

Obama: Immigration Reform Could Lead to Growth

July 3, 2014

APM Marketplace’s Kate Davidson spoke with CSII co-director Manuel Pastor to analyze two figures on potential GDP growth figures resulting from immigration reform. Both the Center for American Progress and the Congressional Budget Office have asserted that reform could lead to $1.4 trillion in growth, but the timeline of that growth differs by a decade in the two analyses. Pastor noted that one of those numbers is a hypothetical projection, while the other examines the potential outcome of current Senate legislation. 

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"Are Latinos Really Turning White?"

By Manuel Pastor
May 29, 2014
The Huffington Post

This widely circulated op-ed by Manuel Pastor offers an alternate analysis to a piece in the NY Times claiming that more Hispanics were "declaring themselves white" on the census.

Seeking to infuse some data reality into the media discourse, Pastor's post points out how a simple change on the U.S. Census questionnaire about race may have caused a significant data shift between the 2000 and 2010 figures.

“To those who follow the discussion of race,” Pastor wrote, “a more nuanced understanding of the data and the questions being asked would probably lead one away from a breathless conclusion that a new and fundamental shift in Latino assimilation is occurring.”

Pastor’s follow-up stirred things up on social media and prompted a response from the NY Times writer Nate Cohn. Other news media picked up on the discussion, and PolicyMic highlighted Twitter users who had developed their own unique identity with the hashtag #WhatLatinosLookLike.

Read the full article »

"Viewpoints: Health care coverage for undocumented immigrants"

May 17, 2014

By Enrico Marcelli, Manuel Pastor and Steven P. Wallace
Special to The Sacramento Bee 

This op-ed is a companion piece to a co-written research brief by the authors titled, "Why Excluding Undocumented Californians from the Affordable Care Act Hurts All of Us".

"We hope the debate about the Lara bill will advance with concern for vulnerable populations, attention to what the data tell us, and an underlying vision that California can be stronger, socially and economically, when everyone has access to affordable health insurance."

Read the full story >>

"Scars from the Immigration Wars"

By Joshua Hoyt and Manuel Pastor
January 3, 2014
The Chicago Tribune

In this Chicago Tribune op-ed, CSII’s Manuel Pastor and the National Partnership for New Americans’ Joshua Hoyt hold American attitudes and policies on immigration up to the light. They pointed out how waning anti-immigrant sentiment signalled an opportunity to move forward with progressive policy.

“After all,” they write, “every large demographic shift in our nation’s history has provoked a brutal reaction that leaves lasting scars.”

Pastor and Hoyt proposed that to move forward, we should learn from the past instead of repeating it. In protest and policy, Americans have reacted in dangerous and damaging ways to Irish, Chinese, Jewish, Italian and Muslim immigrants over the last two centuries. For economic as well as equity reasons, the continuing influx of immigrants is a positive thing for all Americans: “most economists and demographers believe we need immigrants and their kids to be even more integrated into our social and economic system.” 

Read the full article »

"Viewpoints: California, Unlike the Federal Government, Leads on Immigration Reform"

By Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo and Manuel Pastor
October 17, 2013
The Sacramento Bee

CSII co-directors Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo and Manuel Pastor's op-ed examined the contrasts between immigration policy progress on the state and federal levels. While they praised forward thinking state policies in California, they also questioned Congress’ ability to get in step with widespread public desire for reform.

Though they expressed disappointment in the lack of federal action, Hondagneu-Sotelo and Pastor noted that California has been in the same position: “once wracked by divisive struggles over immigration,” the state is now “marked by consensus about the steps ahead.” 

Read the full article »

Council for Immigrant Integration to Receive Countywide Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Courage Award

October 8, 2013

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors awarded the CCF Council for Immigrant Integration with the 2013 Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Courage Award in recognition of its efforts to improve immigrant and refugee integration and wellbeing in Los Angeles County.

The Council for Immigrant Integration is a CSII faciliated project designed to organize, convene and facilitate a council of stakeholders for the California Community Foundation.The goal of the Council is for members to achieve common understanding, engage in candid discussions and reach consensus about mutual responsibilities and goals. The award is named in honor of Yvonne Brathwaite Burke who was the first African-American Congresswoman to serve the West Coast.

"8 Reasons You Can't Forget to Celebrate National Citizenship Day Ever Again"

September 18, 2013

CSII co-director Manuel Pastor and Data Manager Justin Scoggins’ report Citizen Gain: The Economic Benefits of Naturalization for Immigrants and the Economy received a nod in this Buzzfeed article about Citizenship Day, September 17. The post looked at the economic and personal benefits of millions of undocumented Americans becoming citizens, including the increased personal earnings of up to 11 percent mentioned in the report.

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"Encouraging Citizenship: A Win-Win for Businesses, Their Employees and Our Economy"

September 17, 2013
The Huffington Post

In this article touting the economic benefits of citizenship, the National Immigration Forum's Ali Noorani pointed to CSII’s Citizen Gain study finding that “income rises an average of 8 to 11 percent when immigrants become citizens.”  Noorani highlighted the business community’s increasing notice of the benefits of citizenship for its employees, and argued that for the nation to remain strong, this trend must continue.

Read the full article »

"Why City Hall Needs an Immigrant Affairs Office"

By Maria Blanco and Manuel Pastor
September 10, 2013
Los Angeles Times

In this L.A. Times op-ed, the California Community Foundation’s Maria Blanco and CSII co-director Manuel Pastor backed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s development of an Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Citing research from PolicyLink and CSII, Blanco and Pastor pushed back against L.A. Times editor Paul Whitefield’s piece which said that the mayor should focus on other issues in the city first, like road repair and gang activity. Immigrant issues and integration, Blanco and Pastor argued, are in the best interest of all Angelenos, and investing effort and money in these issues will benefit the whole region. 

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"Immigrant Integration is American - and Key to Reform"

By Manuel Pastor
June 21, 2013
The Huffington Post

In this HuffPo op-ed, CSII co-director Manuel Pastor explored what immigrant integration looked like in the small town of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and in federal policy. Conservatives, he argued, are stalling immigration legislation with complaints that provisions do not contain enough efforts to get immigrants to be “patriotic”, and that the legislation did not put enough money toward border enforcement. Pastor argued that immigrant integration should be defined by more specific measures like learning English, and that “a dollar invested in integration will produce economic gains that will outpace any parallel investments in border drones or steel fencing.”

Read the full article »

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