The Habit Driven Consumer, August 25 - 28, 2016

Invitation to Interdisciplinary Conference

Across the behavioral sciences, a broad understanding is emerging concerning the economic and psychological processes relevant to consumer habits. This 3-day conference on Catalina Island will feature talks on these various strands of research, with each presentation planned to be published in a special issue on the Habit-Driven Consumer for the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research. ( )

The conference will address the variety of ways in which habits impact consumer behavior. Researchers have captured the impact of habits at multiple levels of analysis, ranging from micro-level neuropsychological processes, to specific consumer behaviors, to even broader patterns of consumer purchase over time and location, to macro-level approaches involving organizational patterns and structures. Conference participants could draw on a variety of methods and types of data, ranging from laboratory experimental approaches, experience-sampling diary research, field experiments, and econometric models of purchase data. Example topics are the ways that habit formation and performance vary with person-specific variables (e.g., age, BMI) as well as key marketing variables (e.g., price, store layout, advertising). Another possibility is to contrast normative perspectives on preference-based versus habit-based models of consumer choice. Also of interest is consumer research evaluating the ways that habits promote or impede consumer health goals, savings goals, or sustainability goals.

Potential participants should submit a one-page description of their research, along with the name of their institution, their academic title and email address to Gigi Petrovich at Graduate Students are also welcome to submit an abstract, and if selected, will be invited to present a poster at the conference.  Submissions will be evaluated and successful participants informed by March 1, 2016.

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