Devin Griffiths

Assistant Professor of English

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Phone: (213) 740-2813
Office: THH 404

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I grew up in Albuquerque and Houston, and attended college at UT-Austin before heading east to continue my studies at Rutgers and Penn. My research examines the intersection of intellectual history, scientific literature, and the digital humanities, with emphasis on nineteenth-century British literature and science. At the center of my research is the question of how literary form shapes our experience of time and natural systems.  I have essays in Studies in English Literature and English Literary History, and I am currently working on a mongraph that examines how the analogical imagination of historical novels and natural theology established a vocabulary commensurate to modern comparative sciences.


  • B.A. English, University of Texas at Austin, 2002
  • B.S. Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin, 2002
  • M.A. Literatures in English, Rutgers University, 2006
  • Ph.D. Literatures in English, Rutgers University, 2010

  • Postdoctoral Training

    • Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, 2010-2012  

    Conferences and Other Presentations

    Conference Presentations
    • "Digital Pedagogy (Stipend Included)", North Atlantic Victorian Studies Association, Roundtable/Panel, Pasadena, CA, Getty Foundation, Case Western, USC, UCSB, Invited, 2013-2014   
    • "Deep City, Deep Time: Radical Geology in Romantic Edinburgh", International Conference on Romanticism, Talk/Oral Presentation, Abstract, Tempe, AZ, Arizona State University, Invited, 2012-2013   


    Journal Article
    • Griffiths, D. S. (2013). The Comparative History of A Tale of Two Cities. ELH. Vol. 80 (3), pp. 811-838.
    • Griffiths, D. S. The Intuitions of Analogy in Erasmus Darwin's Poetics. Sel - Studies in English Literature Vol. 51. 2011 2011: 645-665. Print
    • Griffiths, D. S. Red Hot Fiction: Harnessing Maxwell's Demon in Victorian Literature. Endeavour Vol. 34. 2010 2010: 137-138. Print
    • Olsen, M. J., Stephens, D., Griffiths, D. S., Daugherty, P., Georgiou, G., Iverson, B. Function-based Isolation of Novel Enzymes from a Large Library. Nature Biotechnology Vol. 18. 10 2000: 1071. Print

    Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

    • Digital Archive and Multimedia Installation, "The Peries Project" is an online edition of an early-nineteenth century manuscript by the Orientalist John Leyden, produced collaboratively as part of an undergraduate honors seminar led at the University of Pennsylvania. Url:, Spring 2012   

    Honors and Awards

    • USC or School/Dept Award for Teaching, General Education Teaching Award, 2013-2014   

    Service to the Profession

    Conferences Organized
    • Program Committee Member, Panel Chair, North Atlantic Victorian Studies Association, Pasadena, CA, 2012-2013   

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