James Moffett

Professor of Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact Information
E-mail: jmoffett@usc.edu
Phone: (213) 740-5626
Office: AHF 204

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  • B.S. Chemistry, University of Otago, 1981
  • Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, University of Miami, 1986

  • Postdoctoral Training

    • Postdoctoral Scholar, Woods Hole Oceanographic institution, 12/1986-12/1988  

    Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    Speciation and redox chemistry of trace elements in natural waters, with emphasis on transport processes and catalytic processes. Metal -phytoplankton interactions; characterization of biologically produced chelators Effects of protozoans on chemical fate Bacterially mediated metal precipitation reactions


    Journal Article
    • Naqvi, S. W., Moffett, J. W., Gaum, M. (2010). The Arabian Sea as a high-nutrient, low-chlorophyll region during the late Southwest Monsoon. BIOGEOSCIENCES. Vol. 7, pp. 2091-2100.
    • Wisniewski Jakuba, R., Moffett, J. W., Dyhrman, S. (2008). Evidence for the linked biogeochemical cycling of of zinc, cobalt, and phosphorus in the western North Atlantic Ocean. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. Vol. 22 (4), pp. GB4012.
    • Ward, B. B., Tuit, C., Moffett, J. W., Jayakumar, A., Rich, J. J., Naqvi, S. W. (2008). Control of Denitrification in Oxygen Minimum Zones of the Ocean. Deep Sea Research. Vol. 55 (12), pp. 1672-1683.
    • Wisniewski Jakuba, R., Moffett, J. W., Saito, M. A. (2008). Use of a modified, high-sensitivity, anodic stripping voltammetry method for determination of zinc. Analytica Chimica Acta. Vol. 614, pp. 143-152.
    • Webb, E. A., Rachel, J., Moffett, J. W., Dyhrman, S. T. (2007). Molecular Assessment of Phosphorus and Iron Physiology in Trichodesmium Populations from the Western Central and Western South Atlantic. Limnology and Oceanography/ASLO. Vol. 52(5), pp. 2221–2232.
    • Moffett, J. W. (2007). Reduced iron associated with secondary nitrite maxima in the Arabian Sea. Deep Sea Research Part I/ Elsevier. Vol. 54, pp. 1341-1349.
    • Moffett, J. W. (2007). Cu Complexation by organic ligands in the sub arctic NW Pacific and Bering Sea. Deep Sea Research Part I/ Elsevier. Vol. 54, pp. 586-595.

    Service to the Profession

    Editorships and Editorial Boards
    • Associate Editor, Marine Chemistry, 2010-2011   

  • Zumberge Hall of Science (ZHS)
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0740
  • Phone: (213) 740-6106
  • Email: earthsci@usc.edu