Career. Path. Life.

USC Dornsife provides students with the foundational education and practical training to adapt and rise with an ever-changing world.  With over 140 majors and minors and a collection of co-curricular opportunities, students are able to create an educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

This cross-curricular experience is key to personal growth and the exploration of professional pathways.  Every student's experience is unique.  USC Dornsife students create their path at USC and set a foundation for a career or professional pathway upon graduation.  There is no one way to create a path.  However, we encourage students to self-assess, explore opportunities, decide on and take action early and often during the undergraduate years. 

The goal is to graduate as an educated and engaged citizen as well as with the experiences, skill-sets, and networks conducive to a career in graduate or professional school, fellowships or scholarships, professional work and beyond.

  • Octavio Avila
  • Director
  • Student Special Services
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