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Emily Smith-Greenaway

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Spatial Sciences

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-8869
Office: HSH 309



Ph.D. Sociology & Demography, Penn State University, 2014

Postdoctoral Training

NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, 2014-2015   


Journal Article

Smith-Greenaway, E. (2015). Educational attainment and adult literacy: A descriptive account of select countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Demographic Research.
Smith-Greenaway, E., Madhavan, S. (2015). Maternal migration and child health: An analysis of disruption and adaptation processes in Benin. Social Science Research. Vol. 54, pp. 146-158.
Smith-Greenaway, E. (2015). Are literacy skills associated with young adults' health in Africa? Evidence from Malawi. Social Science & Medicine. Vol. 127, pp. 124-133.
Ghimire, D. J., Axinn, W. G., Smith-Greenaway, E. (2015). Impact of the spread of mass education on married women’s experience with domestic violence. Social Science Research. Vol. 54, pp. 319-331.
Smith-Greenaway, E., Trinitapoli, J. (2014). Polygynous Contexts, Family Structure, and Infant Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa. Demography. Vol. 51 (2), pp. 341-366.
Smith-Greenaway, E., Thomas, K. J. (2014). Exploring Child Mortality Risks Associated with Diverse Patterns of Maternal Migration in Haiti. Population research and policy review. Vol. 33 (6), pp. 873-895.
Smith-Greenaway, E., Heckert, J. (2013). Does the Orphan Disadvantage “Spill Over?” An analysis of whether living in an area with a higher concentration of orphans is associated with children’s school enrollment in sub-Saharan Africa. Demographic research. Vol. 28, pp. 1167.
Smith-Greenaway, E. (2013). Mothers' reading skills and child survival in Nigeria: Examining the relevance of mothers' decision-making power. Social Science & Medicine. Vol. 97, pp. 152-160.
Smith-Greenaway, E. (2013). Maternal reading skills and child mortality in Nigeria: a reassessment of why education matters. Demography. Vol. 50 (5), pp. 1551-1561.
Smith-Greenaway, E., Leon, J., Baker, D. P. (2012). Understanding the association between maternal education and use of health services in Ghana: Exploring the role of health knowledge. Journal of biosocial science. Vol. 44 (06), pp. 733-747.
Smith-Greenaway, E., Baker, D. P., Leon, J., Smith Greenaway, E. G., Collins, J., Movit, M. (2011). The education effect on population health: A reassessment. Population and Development Review. Vol. 37 (2), pp. 307-332.
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