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Janet Levin

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-5170
Office: MHP 113

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.A. , University of Chicago

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Professor Levin's research interests are dedicated to the study of epistemology, philosophy of the mind, and philosophy of psychology.

Research Specialties

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology , Epistemology

Other Research

Participant, Penn Neuroscience Bootcamp (August 1-11, 2010): I was among 35 participants in an introduction to the latest research in the neurosciences, designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration., 2009-2010   


Book Chapter

Levin, J. M. (2014). Reclaiming the Armchair. Palgrave Handbook on Philosophical Methods pp. 448-477. Palgrave Macmillan.
Levin, J. M. (2011). Representational Exhaustion. Festschrift for Ned Block Oxford.
Levin, J. M. (2009). Thinking About 'Phenomenal States'.
Levin, J. M. (2006). What is a Phenomenal Concept?. New York: Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge/Oxfor University Press.

Book Review

Levin, J. M. (2009). Critical Notice of Experimental Philosophy. Analysis Reviews. pp. 761-769.
Levin, J. M. (2007). Empathy and Agency, by Karsten StueNotre Dame Philosophical Reviewber. Notre Dame Philosophical Review.

Encyclopedia Article

Levin, J. M. (2009). Qualia. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (on-line).
Levin, J. M. (2009). Functionalism (substantial revision). Palo Alto, CA: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Journal Article

Levin, J. M. (2013). Armchair Methodology and Epistemological Naturalism. Synthese/Springer. Vol. 190 (18), pp. 4117-4136.
Levin, J. M. (2013). Do Conceivability Arguments Against Physicalism Beg the Question. Philosophical Topics.
Levin, J. M. (2011). Imaginability, Possibility, and Imaginative Resistance. Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Vol. 41 (3)
Levin, J. M. (2011). Reconstruing Modal Intuitions. Croatian Journal of Philosophy. Vol. Vol. XI (No 31)
Levin, J. M. (2011). ‘Levy on Neuroscience, Psychology, and Moral Intuitions’. AJOB Neuroscience.
Levin, J. M. (2010). Tye's Ptolemaic Revolution. Analytic Philosophy (formerly Philosophical Books).
Levin, J. M. (2008). Taking Type-B Materialism Seriously. Mind and Language/Blackwell. Vol. 23 (4)
Levin, J. M. (2008). Assertion, Practical Reason, and Pragmatic Theories of Knowledge. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research/Basil Blackwell. Vol. NA
Levin, J. M. (2008). Molyneux Meets Euthyphro: Does Cross-Modal Transfer Require Rational Transition?. Croatian Journal of Philosophy.
Levin, J. M. (2007). Molyneux's Question and the Individuation of Perceptual Concepts. Philosophical Studies/Kluwer Academic Press. Vol. NA
Levin, J. M. (2007). Can Modal Intuitions be Evidence for Essentialist Claims?. Inquiry/Taylor & Francis. Vol. NA
Levin, J. M. (2007). Nagel vs. Nagel on the Nature of Phenomenal Concepts. RATIO.
Levin, J. M. (2006). Can Mental Images Provide Evidence for What is Possible?. Anthropology and Philosophy. Vol. 7 (1-2)

Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

on-line conference, Conference of consciousness (CO4): Comments on E. Schwitzgebel, 'If Materialism is True, then the US is Probably Conscious'., 2012-2013   

Service to the Profession

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Co-editor, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 08/30/2005-  

Professional Memberships

Hume Society, 2006-  
Society for Philosophy and Psychology, 2005-  
APA Pacific Division, Executive Committee, 2005-2008  
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