Biodiversity and Environment Network

Biodiversity describes the richness and variation in all forms of life, from genes to organisms to ecosystems, and in both the present and the geologic past.  The disciplinary reach of biodiversity is broad, cutting across many disciplines: human health; economics; geology, geochemistry and earth system history; molecular, ecological and system studies in marine and terrestrial realms; and more broadly, societal well being. 

USC has strengths in several of these areas, particularly within the Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences and the Keck School of Medicine. Faculty in the Social and Economic sciences, the Business School, and Engineering also have broad interests in the environment that link them to biodiversity issues. Scientists from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC) offer further perspectives and opportunities for collaboration.

The Biodiversity and Environment Network serves to unite and strengthen these research programs, to promote cross-cutting collaborative ties across USC researchers, and to develop training and seminar opportunities for graduate and undergraduates interested in biodiversity themes.