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The Power of Energy: Influencing a Career Path Towards an Equitable Ocean Future

December 15, 2021

Current USCSG Knauss Fellow Katherine Ball began her fellowship with an interest in social science. How then did she end up with a placement at the Department of Energy? 
Read about Katherine's experience to learn how she became fascinated in energy, discovered its link to her deeper passions, and realized that working in this field is vital in shaping her career.

Fight or Flight: Overcoming Self-Doubt to Join an Unforgettable Journey at Sea

October 29, 2021

Read this blog to learn about Shellby Johnson, USC Sea Grant 2021 Knauss Fellow, and how she overcame self-doubt to join an unforgettable journey at sea. 


Vessel Pilots: Ensuring Safe Port Calls

September 30, 2021

Throughout the world, mariners rely upon nautical charts to guide their voyages. However, each seaport or harbor has unique local conditions that require mariners to seek advice from a local expert, known as a vessel pilot, upon entering. Read this Ship's Log article to learn about these pilots and the vital service they bring to every major seaport worldwide.

Container Cranes: Linking Ship to Shore

July 30, 2021

Also known as an elegant, tall, flying bird, it seems appropriate that the term "crane" is used for the massive, upright arching, metal machines that reside by the water, moving freight containers between the dock and adjacent ships. Learn about these ship-to-shore cranes and how they transformed the movement of goods around the world in this Ship's Log article.

New Maritime Fuels to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution

June 29, 2021

Beginning in 2006 and in cooperation with one another, the two huge seaports of Los Angeles and Long Beach formed a unique partnership to improve ambient air quality in the Los Angeles air basin, called the Clean Air Action Plan. This Ship's Log Article explores what has been done over the last 15 years and what may be the next steps in improving local basin air quality as well as reducing vessel contributions to global warming. 

Coordinating Vessels in the Ports of San Pedro Bay: The Marine Exchange of Southern California

April 30, 2021

Just as an airport needs air traffic controllers to weave arrivals and departures, so does a major seaport. For our twin Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, they are managed by the Marine Exchange of Southern California. Little known outside the ports, read this Ship's Log article to learn about why it is such a critical seaport function. 

Port Congestion and the Supply Chain: When Did All Those Ships Arrive?

March 31, 2021

Over the past three months, our twin seaports at Long Beach & Los Angeles have hosted more vessels than normal, and there is a major increase in ships at anchor waiting for space at our docks. In this Ship's Log article, learn about why that is, to what extent COVID is a cause, and what we can expect in the near future.

Does an Empty Have Value? The Demand for Containers in the Supply Chain

February 26, 2021

In article #9, we followed the journey a mythical copier makes from China to Chicago. In this article, learn what happens after the cargo is dropped off, how a container makes its way back to China, and the congestion & disruptions that can occur in the supply chain due to COVID. 

The Basics of Maritime Logistics

January 28, 2021

We’ve all seen the phrase, “Sorry, your item is on backorder.” Maybe you ordered an office copier and the manufacture keeps pushing the delivery date back. Check out this article of our Ship's Log Blog Series to take a deeper look at the logistics chain of this copier to see what happened, its path to your office, and where it fits into the larger picture of distributing goods.

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