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Climate Change

It is more than appropriate to end this retrospective by looking forward with our climate change work, because climate change is a new lens through which scientists, managers, and policymakers must view the future. In fact, all the research, outreach, and education areas in which USC Sea Grant works – water quality, harmful algal blooms, toxicology, aquatic invasive species, ports and marine transportation, marine  wildlife, and ecosystems – will be affected by climate change in the coming decades. Over the last four years, USC Sea Grant has worked with the City of LA and other Southern California cities and counties, as well as formal and informal educators, to help build scientific understanding of climate change and sea level rise, and to enhance the capacity of local municipalities to develop adaptation strategies.

Is Southern California Ready for Climate Change?


Not surprisingly, the answer is: some areas are and some areas are not. But for those that are not ready, what do they need to get ready? Read more...

If We Can Do It Here, We Can Do It Anywhere


We have a saying at USC Sea Grant: if we can do it in Los Angeles, then we can do it anywhere. So, we set our sights on helping Los Angeles plan for climate change. In 2011, the City of LA commissioned a sea level rise vulnerability assessment for City assets, resources, and communities. Read more...

Sea Level Rise: Where? And How High?


Over the next century, sea level rise in SoCal is expected to match global projections with an increase of 0.1-0.6 m (5-24 inches) from 2000 to 2050 and 0.4-1.7 m (17-66 inches) from 2000 to 2100. To help bring the best scientific information to the region, we are partnering to develop a model that projects sea level rise in combination with influences from storm surge and waves. Read more...

Regional Planning and Partnerships


As we hear from our stakeholders again and again, it is not enough to just hand over the science, so USC Sea Grant’s Regional AdaptLA program is developing scientific and planning capacity to ensure that sea level rise model results are accessible and understandable to coastal communities. Read more...

The More the Merrier


USC Sea Grant serves as a leader for several regional, statewide and national climate adaptation efforts, allowing us to share the successes and lessons learned with other communities engaged in climate adaptation planning. Read more...

Climate Change Education


Students today will inherit the future climate, so USC Sea Grant has incorporated climate change science into several education programs. Read more...

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