Library Preparation


We offer library preparation services for a wide variety of applications. The most common type of libraries we prepare are whole-genome, whole-transcriptome (RNAseq), Bisulfite converted, and miRNA libraries. If you need some other type of library, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your request.

We use commercial kits to prepare all our libraries, and we typically go with the brands that we have tested and we know work good. If you have any preference for any specific brand for your libraries, we can accomodate your request, but please note that we might have to charge you for the cost of the entire kit if it is something that we don't use routinely.
Also, some experienced users prefer to prepare their own libraries, and just bring a final pool for QC and sequencing. However, if you are new to NGS sequencing and not familiar with the library preparation protocols, we strongly advice that you let us do it for you. Please check our library preparation prices and keep in mind that we repeat at no extra cost if a sample fails (assuming no sample issues).


You can find a list of our library preparation prices here.