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USC Dornsife Magazine Spring-Summer 2011


The Latin noun alumnus derives from the verb alere “to nourish.” USC Dornsife nourishes critical thinking. Ours is a liberal arts community that nourishes ideals, nourishes a passion to live with integrity and meaning. And our alumni go on to nourish the world.

Below you will find 16 stories that will nourish your sense of wonder — of all that is possible in the realm of letters, arts and sciences.

Cover Story:

What's in a Name?

Everything if the Name Is Dornsife

More Features:

The Man Behind the Purple & Gold

Jerry Buss '57, a 2010 inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame, pays it forward by supporting his alma mater in the name of his mentors.

Firm Ambition

Lindsay Harrison '00 was a rookie when she made her appellate debut at the highest court. She also changed the rules and saved a man’s life.

America's Money Advocate

Personal finance expert and best-selling author David Bach '90 is on a mission to empower millions of Americans to live and finish rich.

The Language of Medicine

Heather Rosen '97 forged a nontraditional path into the medical profession and came out a better doctor.

Keeper of the Wild

Steward of an island wilderness, Ann Muscat '83 strives to find a balance between people and nature.

Champion for Education

The daughter of self-educated immigrants, Celia C. Ayala ensures that Los Angeles County’s children receive a quality preschool education even if their parents can’t afford tuition costs.

Global Alliances

Joe Cerrell '01 rallies government and industry leaders to increase funding for international development.

A Passion for Fashion

Mandana Dayani '03, on the runway track to success, projects glamour in front of and behind the camera.

Pillar of Empowerment

Mark Ridley-Thomas '89 is a foremost advocate of neighborhood participation in government decision-making. Lucky for us his neighborhood includes USC.

The Morale Booster

Sonia Narang '99 builds trust with employees. A furry critter gave her a lesson on that.

Silver Screen Storyteller

Matthew Michael Carnahan '95 scripts tales of politics, drama and international intrigue.

Beam of Hope

Wayne Wu '92 invests in the mechanics of medicine.

An (Air) Force of Nature

Born on a U.S. Air Force base, 59 years later Michael Donley, '77 and '78, is the Air Force's top civilian leader.

In Love, Will Travel

As a couple, Alex Peterson and Jennifer McCard are making careers out of service to the U.S. and the environment, around the world.

Winds of Fortune

Through their two companies, Alisa Rogers '79 and her husband Philip have forever changed the wind energy industry.

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