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USC Dornsife Magazine, Fall 2013/Winter 2014


Cover Story: On Catalina Island — and the University Park campus — the legendary Wrigley family has created a kingdom of scientific researchers.

By Pamela J. Johnson   Full Story

Special Report:

A Nobel Victory

Dubbed the “Sherlock Holmes of chemistry,” Arieh Warshel’s creativity and perseverance lead to the Nobel Prize. By Pamela J. Johnson

Trash Can

Alumna Julia McGinnis knows the trash cans and can’ts of waste management. McGinnis works at Orange County Waste & Recycling, the nation’s third-largest trash gas-to-energy project. By Pamela J. Johnson

The Environmentalists

These superheroes are fighting against human suffering and pollution, and to keep the desert tortoise alive. For the first time, the environmental avengers remove their masks. By Laura Paisley

Raising the Anchor

Geraldine Knatz’s motto is “It’s impossible, it’s difficult, it’s done.” Preparing for retirement, the first woman executive director of the Port of Los Angeles gave it her all to turn the ship around. By Susan Bell

'Our Voices Have Been Heard'

Residents in low-income communities in L.A. County are benefiting from the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity. By producing critical research, it is becoming a statewide model for environmental justice. By Michelle Salzman Boston

In My Opinion:


Sustain and Attain

A successful career woman, mother of six and grandmother of eight, Cynthia Maxwell-Dillard is just getting started.

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