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Los Angeles Times Poll Articles


November 2015

'Tale of two Californias': Coastal voters upbeat on economy, inland residents anxious (Nov. 9, 2015)

On the left and right, voters express anxiety over future (Nov. 8, 2015)

Why an online poll? And why SurveyMonkey? (Nov. 7, 2015)

USC/LAT poll: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz gain ground in Republican presidential field (Nov. 6, 2015)


October 2015

Poll finds L.A. County residents want to be more involved in their community but don't have time (Oct. 7, 2015)

Traffic still tops crime, economy as top L.A. concern, poll finds (Oct. 7, 2015)

Why we're experimenting with online polling (Oct. 7, 2015)


September 2015

California voters sharply disagree on low-cost healthcare for immigrants (Sept. 15, 2015)

Rep. Loretta Sanchez gains ground on Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris in Senate race, poll shows (Sept. 14, 2015)

California Republicans echo U.S. trends, favoring outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson (Sept. 13, 2015)

Are Republicans losing white voters too? (Sept. 13, 2015)

Politics at the local level pointless? That's what many Californians think (Sept. 12, 2015)

Jerry Brown's job approval rating dips, new USC/Times poll shows (Sept. 11, 2015)

Drought is no reason to ease environmental protections, California voters say (Sept. 11, 2015)

Californians hopeful that El Niño will ease drought, poll finds (Sept. 10, 2015)


April 2015

Science, math and art valued more than technology in education poll (April 13, 2015)

Race relations in California better than elsewhere in U.S., voters say (April 13, 2015)

Majority of California's Latino voters highly value school testing (April 12, 2015)

California voters take a dim view of teacher tenure (April 11, 2015)


February 2015

Despite some nightmares, poll finds voters still California Dreamin' (March 1, 2015)

Jerry Brown's popularity as governor doesn't extend to a presidential race (March 1, 2015)

Assemblyman Chavez hints he will announce U.S. Senate bid on Thursday (Feb. 28, 2015)

Voters strongly oppose UC tuition hike, poll finds (Feb. 28, 2015)

Fresno Mayor Swearengin passes on race for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat (Feb. 27, 2015)

Senate candidate Kamala Harris unknown to more than 50% of voters (Feb. 27, 2015)

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


October 2014

Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein shouldn't run again, majority of voters say (Nov. 8, 2014)

Poll finds support for Gov. Brown and his ballot measures (Nov. 2, 2014)

Support for lighter sentences, but not 2 healthcare measures (Nov. 2, 2014)

Statewide ban on plastic grocery bags has broad support, poll shows (Nov. 1, 2014)

Most voters not worried about Ebola threat in California (Oct. 31, 2014)

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


September 2014

Voters support a path to legalization for immigrants here illegally (Sept. 15, 2014)

Weak support for Prop. 46 targeting medical malpractice (Sept. 13, 2014)

Voters mostly approve of police, but views split along racial lines (Sept. 13, 2014)

Only 1 in 4 likely voters can identify Gov. Jerry Brown's opponent (Sept. 12, 2014)

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


May/June 2014

Beneath Jerry Brown's high ratings, voters have reservations (June 10, 2014)

Poll finds little support for drought spending despite broad awareness (June 6, 2014)

Jerry Brown leads, GOP foes in dead heat for No. 2 in primary (June 1, 2014)

Poll: Voters give California lawmakers higher marks despite scandals (May 31, 2014)

Voters want reserve funds used for state debt, poll says (May 30, 2014)

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


November 2013

Brown's solid approval rating may not translate into votes (November 11, 2013)

Californians have their doubts about healthcare law (November 9, 2013)

Latinos, whites split on immigrant laws OKd by Brown (November 8, 2013)

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


September 2013

Californians want water issues fixed but not enough to pay for it

52% want bullet train stopped, poll finds

Voters back Gov. Brown's plan for prisons

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


June 2013

Poll shows Californians favor legalizing same-sex marriage

Californians would go further than Gov. Brown to cut prison crowding

Californians uneasy about fracking's safety, lack of oversight

Voters split on transgender proposal, poll says

Survey shows growing support for online education in California

Poll shows concerns for costs, quality at public universities

Voters see improvement in California economy, poll says

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


March 2013

Most Californians favor citizenship path for illegal immigrants

California voters split on Jerry Brown school plans

Lawmakers get higher marks, but support remains lax

Californians show strong support for strict gun control measures

Californians still anxious about economy, poll shows

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


November 2012

Californians feel a bit more upbeat about the state's direction

State voters support cap and trade

Poll: Voters divided over easing state's environmental laws

Californians continue suffering from poor economy, poll says

California backs a 'fiscal cliff' compromise — sort of, poll says

Enthusiasm for ballot measures motivated state voters

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


October 2012

California voters more tolerant of illegal immigrants, poll finds

California poll shows Obama with smaller lead

Poll shows Molly Munger chipping away at Jerry Brown's support

Support for end to California death penalty surges

California voters say they don't ignore anything on the ballot

Prop. 37 is in dead heat amid ad blitz

Support plunges for Prop. 30, Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative

Sen. Feinstein far ahead of Republican challenger in new poll

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


September 2012

Californians back change on three strikes, but not on death penalty

California voters leaning against campaign finance initiative

Fewer than a third of voters approve of Legislature, poll finds

Support slips for Brown's tax hike

Jerry Brown hangs onto shrinking support for tax hikes

New poll finds voters split over pension changes

Poll finds Prop. 37 is likely to pass

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


May 2012 Poll

Public opinion wanes on California bullet train plan, poll shows

Workplace conditions are worse for many, poll finds

Most California voters don't support legalizing pot, poll finds

Voters back tobacco tax but split on term-limits change

California voters still support Jerry Brown's call for tax hikes

Obama has big edge in California, poll shows

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


March/April 2012

Even e-reader owners still like printed books, survey finds

Big Tobacco adds nearly $9 million to fight against cigarette tax

Bashing Obama on both coasts

Tech firms' data gathering worries most Californians, poll finds

Poll: Tech industry more crucial to California than entertainment

The better tax plan — for another time

Gov. Jerry Brown's new tax plan has strong support in poll

Strong majority backs Jerry Brown's tax-hike initiative

California Republicans get behind Mitt Romney

Voters don't blame workers for pension woes, new poll finds

Term limits initiative has slim lead, new poll finds

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


November 2011

Californians support making teachers' reviews public

Californians willing to pay higher taxes for better schools 

California public schools fare poorly in new poll

Survey finds ethnic divide among voters on DREAM Act

Voters find state universities pricey but good, poll says 

Charter schools impress half of California voters

48% of voters say charter schools provide better education

California Republicans favor Romney, poll finds 

Jerry Brown’s approval rating steady, new poll finds 

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


September 2011

War on terrorism a priority to California voters, poll finds

Poll illustrates California voters' anger

Obama strongly leads GOP candidates in California poll

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


July 2011

Home prices rise again, but experts are unimpressed

Californians want to allow local taxes on cigarettes, other products

Voters hesitant on farmworker proposal, poll finds

California households are doing without

Voters OK with ending redevelopment funds, poll shows

California voters see some bright spots in grim budget

Californians would rather ease penalties than pay more for prisons

Make California Legislature part-time, poll majority says

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


April 2011

California voters want public employees to help ease state's financial troubles

Californians support tax hikes to help close budget gap

Voters still sour on state’s economy

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


November 2010

For the GOP, California is a deep blue hole

Chart: California poll on GOP, immigration

Poll: Californians want it both ways on budget

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner: Results


October 2010

September 2010

Latino Voters Give Democratic Candidates Their Edge

Latino voters in California still reluctant to embrace GOP candidates, poll shows

Jerry Brown Has Slight Edge Over Meg Whitman, Buoyed by Support Among Latino Voters

Brown leads Whitman 49%-44% in poll

Proposition 23 poll shows a dead heat among California voters

Complete September 2010 Poll Results


May 2010

Immigration Law Divides California Voters

California voters back pot legalization, but support is shaky

Whitman expands primary lead; Fiorina pulls out from the pack

Complete May 2010 Poll Results


April 2010

Majority in California support gay marriage, Times/USC poll finds

Californians Polled on Social Issues and Governor and Senate Races

Meg Whitman's deep pockets put her ahead of Jerry Brown

Californians take generally positive view of healthcare reform

Complete April 2010 Poll Results


November 2009

California's Best Years Have Passed, Voters Say

Golden State: Yes, No or Maybe?

How the poll was conducted

Complete November 2009 Poll Results