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USC College Magazine Fall 2009/Winter 2010


Passing the torch — T.C. Boyle wants to be for his students what his mentors were to him.

by Susan Andrews  Full Story

The Thrill of Writing in the Trenches

Brad Thor ’92 goes the extra 7,000 miles researching his multi-leveled, action-packed novels.

Writing to Forgive

MPW alumna Holly Payne reveals the meaning behind the simple yet complex act of forgiveness.

Versed in Matters of the Heart

David St. John gives a frank assessment of the poetic tragedy of L’amore — without missing a beat.

Once Upon a Blog

In the age of Twitter, nothing replaces in-depth reporting found in real journalistic writing.

In & Out of Fiction

Percival Everett’s presence is felt but elusive. Ah, the point: He’ll have you thinking.

A Conversation with Aimee Bender

The celebrated author and professor shares her thoughts about fairy tales, artichoke hearts and putting artists on American bills.

The Magic Poetry Bus

Poet Laureate Carol Muske-Dukes' statewide poetry project and the Get Lit Players bring Great Poetry to California's schools.

More Thank Just the Score

Ace sportswriter and history alumnus Jorge Aranguré throws sports writing a curveball.

Reading the Mind

USC College alumnus Jonathan Kellerman’s background in psychology supplies the inspiration and dedication to write annual best-selling crime novels.

Power Writing

One USC College alumna and science writer shows us the beauty in embracing the red ink.

A Quantum Leap into the Blogosphere

Clifford Johnson gives readers a look into the daily life of a physicist with his blog, Asymptotia.

From Barbies to Rockets

Having written books on a wide range of subjects, this versatile author and MPW faculty member now tackles opera.

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