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Thematic Approaches to Humanities and Society Minor

The study of the humanities is usually divided into separate disciplines.  Thematic Approaches to Humanities and Society reintegrates the humanities in the form of an interdisciplinary minor.  Humanities and Society allows you to combine literature, philosophy, religion, classics, East Asian studies, foreign languages, and more.  It is designed to provide a versatile option to examine theoretical and thematic approaches to understanding culture and society through the humanities.  Central themes include modes of inquiry, ideology, reification, interdisciplinary perspectives, interpretation and meaning, narrative, discursive, visual and performative modes, and approaches to history, human diversity, and social relations.  The list of electives is broad and flexible so you can construct your Humanities and Society minor around a theme of your choosing.

The minor requires 26 units, some of which may double count with general education courses or major courses.  The program includes two CORE classes, Modes of Inquiry (CORE 301) and Liberal Arts Reading Salon (CORE 200).

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