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Student Designed Curricula

Interdisciplinary Major Program

The Interdisciplinary Major Program presents a special opportunity for students to take advantage of the University's strengths in the professions and the liberal arts, by designing individual programs of study that cross the lines between traditional majors.


Individual Programs of Study (IPOS)

USC College offers students the opportunity to create Individual Programs of Study (IPOS), through which an individual may design a "curriculum" consisting of directed research, service learning and internships, creative artistic production, and any other educational experiences that might be relevant to the proposed program of study.


Collaborative Learning Projects (CLP)

The USC College program of Collaborative Learning Projects (CLP) allows two or more students to propose a research project or another opportunity for collective learning. Students identify the project and the learning objectives to be achieved, and a faculty committee reviews each proposal to decide if it is well-conceived educational experience and, if so, to determine the unit value to be awarded.


Service Learning Opportunity

USC Dornsife offers an opportunity for students from across the campus to combine internship experience with classroom reflection. Students find their own internship placements (often with the help of the Career Center) and sign up for a two-unit class, MDA 250, Internship for the Liberal Arts: Work and Career -- Theory and Practice. Over the summer, a one-unit version of this class is offered online. For more information, contact Maria Velasquez in the USC Dornsife Undergraduate Programs office at 213.740.2961.