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SLL-260: Trans-Siberian Experience

Spring Break 2016 in Russia, from Moscow to Irkutsk via the Trans-Siberian Railway

This 2-unit course is a study-tour of Russia from Moscow, a cosmopolitan European capital, to Irkutsk, a Siberian metropolis front at lake Baikal, the world's deepest lake, on the historical Trans-Siberian Railroad.  Russia is a multicultural country that stretches halfway around the globe, encompassing 12 time zones.  It is a paradox in its linguistic and cultural unity (Moscow-based Russian) and diversity (dozens of indigenous peoples and languages).  Social issues of urbanization, industrialization, and poverty pervade Russia. 

This study-tour introduces students to the development of Russia from its earliest cultural and linguistic formation to its modern existence, demonstrating development by way of observation and interaction with people and places along the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Students will meet three times prior to departure to Russia. No prior knowledge of the Russian language is required, although those who have prior experience with Russian will benefit from customized language learning activities to apply and expand upon what they already know with personalized activities during the journey. 

The course includes two days in Moscow, five days aboard the train, and two days in Irkutsk at the end of the study-trip.  Students will meet twice more after their return to USC.  Students will acquire basic knowledge of geography and history of Russia; acquire rudimentary Russian language skills necessary for social interaction; and demonstrate critical analystical and interpretive skills pertaining to a topic of their choice related to their experience during the course.

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Contact: Prof. Akishina at (213) 740-2375, or