IR Regional Electives

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One regional course is required for IR and IRGB Majors. This is only a selection of IR-prefix courses, contact your adviser for additional regional elective courses.


  • IR 333: China in International Affairs
  • IR 337: The Impact of Remittances and Development in Mexico
  • IR 345: Russian and Soviet Foreign Policy
  • IR 346: Foreign Policy of Eastern Europe and the Balkans
  • IR 358: The Asia Pacific in World Affairs
  • IR 360: International Relations of the Pacific Rim
  • IR 361: South and Southeast Asia in International Affairs
  • IR 362: The International Relations of the Contemporary Middle East
  • IR 363: Middle East Political Economy
  • IR 364: The Political Economy of Latin American Development
  • IR 365: Politics and Democracy in Latin America
  • IR 366: Mexico and its Relations with the United States
  • IR 367: Africa in International Affairs
  • IR 368: French Foreign Policy: 1945 to the Present
  • IR 369: Contemporary European International Relations
  • IR 376: U.S. - Japan Encounters: War, Trade, and Culture
  • IR 383: Third World Negotiations
  • IR 384: Introduction to Asian Security
  • IR 385: European Foreign Policy and Security Issues
  • IR 389: Islam in France (USC Paris Semester Only)
  • IR 439: Political Economy of Russia and Eurasia
  • IR 442: Japanese Foreign Policy
  • IR 464: U.S. Policy towards the Middle East: 1950 to the Present
  • IR 465: Contemporary Issues in U.S. - Latin America Relations
  • IR 466: Contemporary Issues in Latin American Politics
  • IR 468: European Integration


Contact an undergraduate advisor in VKC 301:

Katrina Miranda (Last names A-G)

Luda Spilewsky (Last names H-O)

Annie Lam (Last names P-Z)

  • 213-740-8630

  • School of International Relations
  • 3518 Trousdale Parkway
  • Von KleinSmid Center 330
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0043
  • Phone: (213) 740 - 2136