Faculty picture. Students can work with faculty in different areas of study.

The following Religion faculty members are currently accepting doctoral students across three areas of study, in the particular research areas named below. Applicants for the PhD program should name one or more of these individuals as possible advisors. All other Religion faculty (including Lecturers, Professors of the Practice, and Affiliated Faculty) may participate in mentoring students by serving on examination or dissertation committees.

Applicants are welcome to contact the following faculty members during the application process to discuss particular areas of study. All other questions about the doctoral program in Religion should be directed to the Director of Graduate Study, Professor Cavan Concannon.

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    Janet Hoskins

    Transnational Asian and Pacific religions; new religious movements; religious syncretism; visual and material cultures of religion; religions of Vietnam, Indonesia and California

    Sonya Lee

    Chinese Buddhist art and archaeology; material culture of the Silk Road; art and ecology; conservation of religious monuments; history of collecting and displaying religious artifacts in museums

    Lori Meeks

    Buddhist literature and intellectual history of Japan; Buddhist monasticism; women, gender, and religion; religious and social history of Japan; women’s history in East Asia; Japanese literature culture

    Duncan Williams 

    Buddhism; Japanese religions; American Buddhism; Buddhism and the environment; Japanese American history and religion; Japanese American incarceration and internment; critical mixed race studies

    Jessica Zu

    Modern Yogācāra (the school of consciousness-only), Buddhist social philosophy, comparative studies of Indian and Chinese Buddhist revivals in the 20th century, modern Pure Land, intellectual history, China studies

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    David Albertson

    History of Christianity (medieval and early modern Europe); medieval religious thought; Christian mysticism; religion and visual studies; historical theology; philosophy of religion

    Lisa Bitel

    History of Christianity (late antique and medieval Europe); premodern religions of Europe (including “paganism”); visual and material religion; visions, apparitions, and the supernatural

    Sheila Briggs

    Gender in the history and thought of Christianity; early Christianity (ancient slavery); religion, science and technology; Post-Enlightenment religion in Europe.

    Cavan Concannon 

    New Testament; Paul; early Christianity; religions of the ancient Mediterranean; Roman and early Christian archaeology

    Kelsey Moss

    Early modern Christianity, Religion and Race; Latin American Religions

    Diane Winston

    American religious history; American evangelicalism; religion and media; American spirituality; American religion and politics

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    Sherman Jackson 

    Classical Islamic law, theology, and intellectual history; modern Islam in the West; Muslim communities in America; religion, race, and immigration; religion, liberalism, and democracy; Muslim radicalism; religion and secularism

    Jessica Marglin 

    History of non-Muslims in the Islamic world; Jewish history and Jewish studies; Jewish-Muslim relations; law in the modern Middle East; Mediterranean studies

    Arjun Nair 

    Sufism; Islamic philosophy and theology; Arabic-Islamic intellectual history (classical to early modern); History of Qur’anic exegesis; Arabic and Persian mystical literature

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