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Welcome Back!

We sincerely hope your time abroad was enlightening, rewarding, and fun!  No doubt you have had some unique experiences over the last few months or year and we hope that you're readjusting to life in the States.

Even now, you probably have a lot of questions — particularly ones about how to turn your overseas experience into something that will look attractive to a future employer or graduate school, or how to reach out to students here on campus who are considering studying abroad. Click on the links below for useful information.

Final Transcripts and Grades

Information about obtaining a final transcript from your program, and how those grades factor in to your USC recrod.

Reverse Culture Shock

Much like going abroad, coming back home after time abroad can be a rough transition on the system.  Recognize the symptoms and pick up some tips for re-entry.

Getting Involved with Overseas Studies

Eager to share your experience? There are a number of ways that you can get involved with Overseas Studies:

Please email us if you are interested in any of these opportunites or you have other ideas on how you'd like to get involved with Overseas Studies.

Graduate School

Is the continuation of your academic career your next step?  If so, you'll find some useful information in this section.

International Fellowships

Visit this section to learn about opportunities for funding graduate and post-baccalaureate study abroad.

Working Overseas

Need guidance on how to incorporate your international experience into your resume?  Want to know where you can start looking for work overseas?  Check out this section!