Regional Equity

The young field of regional equity shows that working for equity is most effective at the regional level. Metropolitan patterns of development are regional –in terms of housing, transportation, and business patterns – and cause pockets of wealth and poverty that can only be captured at this scale. Community economic development strategies in tandem with organizing, coalition building, and policy making at the regional level have been particularly effective over the last two decades.

PERE’s work in the area of regional equity includes:

  1. Advancing academic theory on regional equity, in particular the relationship between regional economic strength and equity

  2. Maintaining robust databases through which it conducts analyses at the regional level, for the entire nation, reaching back several decades

  3. Creating research partnerships with community organizers to advance regional policy campaigns

Our partners include CAUSE Ventura, Community Coalition, the Ford Foundation, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, PolicyLink, and others.

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