Rapid Response Research

Thanks to many of our funders, like the James Irvine Foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies, the California Community Foundation, and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, we have the capability and flexibility to respond to the immediate needs of our community partners, and analyze information that is relevant to the work of our partners in a short period of time. Our "rapid response" work is possible because we have funding that allows us to temporarily take focus away from our longer-term projects. Our ability to quickly gather information in the context of a broad and consistent frame is critical in contemporary debates, and is of significant value to our partners.

PERE’s work in the area of social movements includes:

  1. Providing just-in-time data and analysis to address immediate issues, policies or misleading arguments released by other centers, as the need arises

  2. Continually maintaining and gathering up-to-date information as it is released from the American Community Survey, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other sources, making it part of our standard database and mapping resources

  3. Presenting our analyses in ways that are understandable, useful and persuasive for community and advocacy groups 

PERE has responded to requests from Communities for a Better Environment, Community Coalition of South Los Angeles, and many more.

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